Low Popahirum, National Edition (8-7-14)

“In print, on radio, and on television, center-left media outlets have devoted countless hours to proselytizing against voter identification laws. Many on the left have alleged that these laws are just more racially biased tools of disenfranchisement akin to the poll taxes and literacy tests of the Jim Crow-era. This is not even an implicit charge; Rev. Al Sharpton, who holds the conflicting roles of political activist and cable news host, regularly fires up his supporters by linking voter identification to historical efforts to suppress the black vote.” – Hot Air

“President Obama announced $12 billion in new commitments to invest in African energy and electricity infrastructure leveraged through a White House initiative.” – Washington Examiner

“But the truth is that almost no modern event can hold a candle to it. George Kennan observed that when studying the maladies of the 20th century, ‘all the lines of inquiry lead back to World War I.’ A century from now, people might say the same thing of the past two centuries.” – Jonah Goldberg/National Review

“Early in President Obama’s career, it was widely claimed that he was a great public speaker. I don’t think anyone would say that today. In my opinion, he is a mediocre speaker on his best days. One of the reasons for this is that no matter the topic, he is mostly interested in himself. The frequency with which he refers to himself is often noted. Here, Grabien has compiled excerpts from Obama’s speech and later Q&A at the U.S.-Africa summit. In a short time, Obama referred to himself an astonishing 97 times.” – Power Line

“You know something is already on the wrong foot when the stated goal of an international conference is ‘to start a new chapter.’ President Obama invited African leaders to Washington to talk about U.S.-Africa relations, but when some fifty of them showed up this week to, one guesses, get an advance copy of the new script, the best he could do was tell them U.S. companies were prepared to invest $14 billion on the Continent, of which investment a third will (reportedly) be coming from Coca-Cola.” – American Spectator

“As a result, Cabrera said ‘morale is at an all-time low right now‘ because agents are ‘not allowed to do the job that they were hired to do.'” – National Review

“The wealth of nations, or lack thereof, is a topic of longstanding interest. Haiti and the Dominican Republic, which share the island of Hispaniola, are something of a laboratory experiment, a bit like East and West Berlin. Manhattan Contrarian notes that Haiti is, by any measure, one of the world’s poorest countries, and asks why.” – Power Line

“In a decision that surprised absolutely no one, the Mississippi Republican Party refused to hear State Senator Chris McDaniel’s challenge to the outcome of the June 24 runoff. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise either that the Mississippi GOP pleaded organizational incompetence as the reason for not hearing the challenge.” – RedState

“The total amount of natural gas recovered over the last 14 years in the Marcellus Shale — at slightly below 10 trillion cubic feet — represents less than 2% of the estimated 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves available in the shale-rich formation.” – AEI Ideas

“Siegel notes that direct aid to the Kurds, who have the best angle for a response, is diplomatically difficult since we do not recognize Kurdish independence. But did we respect the diplomatic niceties in Libya? The point of R2P, at least as formulated by Power and Obama, was that it bypassed those relationships and international constraints, especially when a genocide is about to take place. That condition was arguable in Libya, but it certainly isn’t with ISIS in Iraq. And it’s not just the Yazidis, either:” – Hot Air

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