NO MORE MR. NICE GUY: Cassidy Hits Back At Landrieu, Slams Maness

There’s no more softball for Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

Cassidy, who is running against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Col. Rob Maness for the US Senate in November, once did not even mention his opponents in his campaign ads. Now, however, Cassidy is playing hardball.

After qualifying for the Senate race a couple days ago, Landrieu said this: ““I am such a strong supporter of the Keystone pipeline, and have been for many years. It is not my clout. It is Louisiana’s clout. Let’s not give it up.” 

Cassidy, though, surely disagrees. Here’s what he told Fox News when asked about the statement from Landrieu:

“That’s not her top priority,” Cassidy said. “Her priority is kind of kowtowing to Senator Reid and President Obama.”

Cassidy also attacked Landrieu once again for her illegal use of public funds to charter private planes to campaign destinations, saying “The whole airplane issue is just a symptom, if you will, of a Washington, D.C., that lives high on the hog, while taxpayers struggle.”

And then there are the statements Cassidy made after Maness attacked him as a candidate whom “voters can’t trust.” This is what Maness said of Cassidy:

“He goes with the leadership all the time,” Maness said. “Voters can’t trust him.”

But in a rare moment, Cassidy acknowledged Maness’ attack, flipping Maness’ argument around.

“It is Republican so-called conservative groups out of Washington, D.C., who support [Maness],” he said.

“If there’s an establishment candidate, it is he, if there is a grassroots candidate, it is me,” Cassidy said. “I’m running against Senator Mary Landrieu. That’s who this race is about. Look at the polls.”

Maness has long tried to portray Cassidy as a replica of Landrieu in order to shore up votes with Tea Party voters and staunch conservatives looking for fresh blood in Washington.

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