SARGE: I Cry For My People

Watching the debacle in Ferguson, Missouri is like watching a post-surgical patient tear his stitches loose and start pulling at his entrails. It’s personally destructive, monumentally illogical and terrifyingly incomprehensible as to why the patient does this. It appears the protestor/rioters are destroying property in their own community with the help of insurgent provocateurs from other areas.

It’s stupid.

Yes. Michael Brown’s death was tragic. Was it wrong? It’s wrong to kill ANYBODY according to the Ten Commandments but it’s also wrong to commit suicide by allowing the assailant to attack, pummel, beat and destroy you as a person physically. Was the officer right? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But the press and the media continually pouring naphtha on an open flame and salt into the gaping communal wound a lethal force situation presents.

For the longest period of time people have spoken out loud concerning the country’s progress toward race riots. The New Black Panthers (NBP) are being met by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in the shadows of night. The fuze is moving slowly toward the point where one or the other will ignite the charged atmosphere and America will weep again for its children dying in the streets.

There’s been criticism of the police because of their militarized appearance. They were commanded to stand and obstruct the progress of the rioters without being allowed to do their jobs effectively because the politicians want to politicize the solution rather than address the problem.

Soothing words do not stop violence. What stops the violence is the ability to exceed the level of force used against you by one articulable and understandable demonstration of superior defensive tactics. Instead of Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) it might be advisable to send Water Cannons into the fray. Protestors (as has been shown countless times around the world) do NOT like getting wet, knocked off of their feet and made uncomfortable. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you saw a successful riot conducted in a rain storm?

Community Action Teams composed of church, social and business groups need to stop meeting in the relative safety of the churches while preaching to the choir and step out, address their children and neighbors and make them see the futility of armed aggression and violence destroying THEIR community. The violence doesn’t stop until the violent actors stop being violent.

Anybody arrested or detained and found to be NOT from the community need to be arrested and charged with public endangerment, incitement of a riot and any other charges provable from evidence gathered and presented in court. Then, after the “Perp Walk” shaming them for their notoriety and recognition as agent provocateurs, they need to be prosecuted by a jury of their peers and put away in maximum security prisons after conviction.

Nobody accepts accountability in their actions until they understand the consequences of their actions. If it doesn’t hurt, if it isn’t somehow personally painful, if there is no understanding what you sow you will reap: nothing gets better.

There are obvious breakdowns in this matter. There are few black police officers in Ferguson. Maybe that’s because black people are too smart to work for the low pay and generalized disrespect police officers are subjected to. Would you stand in the street, be held accountable for your actions and await the rocks to be thrown at you and the Molotov Cocktails being constructed to burn you to a crisp and the gunshot may take your life?

But by the same token why should the rioters stop if they’re allowed daily to commit the crimes they do without suffering personal consequences.

It’s ironic everybody’s been decrying the “militarization of the police”. The police showed up with riot gear, carbines and tear gas and were excoriated, denounced and condemned for looking “too military”. But this is where the stupidity comes in. The media has been fanning this with what looks mean and unnecessary, but never mention the police didn’t use the rifles, they didn’t use the firepower at their command. They stood there looking disciplined but impotent and accomplished nothing.

You can’t hug a thug and expect him to not remain a thug.

Now, when the problem is approaching critical mass, the governor sent in the National Guard. Guess what! They showed up with Riot Gear and Camos. They came in with M-4 military carbines. They launched tear gas and wore body armor outside their BDUs (uniforms) and started to take control. It’s a shame it had to come to this.

Now Obama is sending his race baiting, do-nothing Attorney General to assess the problem. He couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything when a Caucasian Border Patrol Agent was murdered with guns supplied by the previous administration as well as with Obama’s permission. But, he’s going to inject his flaccid performance factor into the cyclopean presence of the media’s cameras and try like all get-out to appear dynamically involved. I expect nothing more than for Holder to dry hump the situation until the foreplay leads to another set of people getting screwed by this administration.

I cry for my people: Americans.

Thanks for listening.

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