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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a school, especially one of higher learning.

2. Relating to studies that are liberal or classical rather than technical or vocational.

3. Scholarly to the point of being unaware of the outside world: pedantic

4. Formalistic or conventional.

5. Theoretical or speculative without a practical purpose or intention: theoretical.

6. Having no practical purpose or use.


1. A member of an institution of higher learning.

2. One who has an academic viewpoint or a scholarly background.


1. a member of an association or institution for the advancement of arts, sciences, or letters.

2. a follower or promoter of traditional rules or trends in philosophy, art, or literature.

Pedantic  adj: Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: a pedantic attention to details.



1. of or based on theory

2. lacking practical application or actual existence; hypothetical

3. using or dealing in theory; impractical   (The Free Dictionary at Farlex)

“Common Core” is the product of a closed group of the first definition seeking to be of the second based on the third and fourth definitions.

There’s an industry in Washington D.C. based on the existence of the Department of Education as developed by that “great” leader of the free world; Jimmy Carter. He felt (I suppose) because he’d received a top-flight engineering degree all people under the age of 21 should pursue his dream of being college educated. As such they’d be more like him: a hyper-educated twit with no practical understanding of how learning is handled or how education based on no more than pedantry (see 3rd definition) and an egocentric drive engaged by no more than self-service can be counter-productive.

Common Core was supposed to be an agreement between states to standardize goals for students to attain by standardizing the curriculum nationally. Nationally indicates where this all went wrong. The dummies at the Department of Education jumped on the band-wagon and allowed people like Bill and Melinda Gates to start handing out money through foundations developed to grow the trees in educational orchards. This pulled the fiscal onus from the government from anything other than creating law to enforce the standards. Gates and his band of merry but tunnel-visionary academicians looking down their noses at the poor unwashed masses and hoped to bathe them in the glory of the academic nirvana sought so desperately.

If you look closely the foundation of Common Core says nothing beyond the jingoistic blather “experts” babble to amaze and enthrall their audiences. In order to set “common standards” there must be a source of “common” knowledge. This source would be the academicians seeking the hundreds of millions of dollars people like Gates and his friends had to offer. Like hungry puppies seeking to get their share of the nourishment dispensation system, they fought (and still fight) for the money being dispensed. The academicians issue such highfalutin phraseology as “critical thinking” and “higher-order thinking skills” to impress their colleagues on their levels and those seeking to bask in the glow of associative light, knowledge and understanding. In other words; “if I hang with the smart guys, I’ll look smarter too”. Unfortunately the jargon means little to nothing. The standards are NOT developed at the state and local levels. The Common Core mavens want to have children learn theoretically, not practically.

As an example I’ll suggest you think about Physics, the scientific study of matter, energy, force, and motion, and the way they relate to each other. The Laws of Physics are unarguable. What goes up must come down. No two objects can occupy the same space without catastrophic results etc. (You get the point.) Now look at Mathematics. This is the study of the relationships among numbers, shapes and quantities. One plus one equals two. A circle is a circle is a circle and by definition and reality cannot be a square.

These rules are inviolate unless you work through Common Core standards. Yet math problems under Common Core follow a convoluted pathway leading not to timely and understandable answers but to the expression of theory indicating the student knows what the “educator” wants for successful recognition of the “educators’” skills.

Because the academicians want Gates’ money, they speak a lingo meant to impress their peers with their professional language skills. It’s a fact if you want to create chaos you attack the foundation of a society; in this case education. The United States followed this theory with Native Americans by first stripping them of contact with their culture, changing their dress and grooming standards to that of the conquering party and then removed them from the speaking of the native language under penalty and punishment should they fail to comply. This linguistic shift does no more than allow the acolyte to impress the master. The rest of us are separated, segregated by our ignorance of the procedures and as such become subservient to the academicians, the Gates, the Department of Education and the State. We must go to them in order to have our children learn. This theoretical program is so arcane and industry exclusive we as parents are helpless to aid our kids with homework unless we obtain teaching credentials and become a part of the problem.

Common Core is no more than another effort by the state to indoctrinate our children toward acceptance of the New World Order where the state reigns supreme and we’re all faceless drone in service to the higher ups.

Thanks for listening.

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