And Now, The Race Card…

It might be worth watching the letters-to-the-editor sections of the local papers in Louisiana to see how many times something like this appears. From the Baton Rouge Advocate today

I want someone to tell me just who is Bill Cassidy running against, Sen. Mary Landrieu or the president?

It’s like every time he runs an ad about the senator, he puts President Barack Obama’s name in it. I believe it is a code Cassidy and the Republicans are using: Voting for Mary is like voting for a black man.

Not once has he said what he would replace the Affordable Care Act with, also known as Obamacare. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz once said we’ve got to vote against Obamacare before people get on it and like it. How can you be against any kind of health care that people could afford? The only health care the Republicans believe in is no health care for the middle-income working class and the poor.

Russell Stokes
produce clerk
Baton Rouge

The race card.

By the way, Russell Stokes isn’t just a “produce clerk.” He’s a Democrat activist. His name appears on a lawsuit filed by the NAACP to stop the reapportionment of the East Baton Rouge School Board, which is a decent indication that he’s not just some random guy. Your name gets on an NAACP lawsuit because somebody with the NAACP knows you well enough to ask you to sign on.

So when he writes that letter saying that if Bill Cassidy mentions the Democrat president who is deeply unpopular in Louisiana that the Democrat senator votes with 97 percent of the time, Cassidy is a racist, you can see a strategy there.

Particularly given that this letter doesn’t particularly read like it’s written by a produce clerk. Produce clerks don’t even know who Ted Cruz is, much less that Cruz supposedly said people will like Obamacare. That’s a frequent trope of the left-wing blogosphere, which is the kind of thing that Democrat Party apparatchiks know. Not produce clerks.

If you start seeing this meme pushed over and over again in comment sections and letters to the editor, just know that this is being disseminated from DNC headquarters or one of its tentacles. It’s an indication that the Democrats are desperate and “Cassidy is a racist” is all they have.

They’ll play up the “Reid runs the Senate like a plantation” comment as proof of Cassidy’s racism as well, even though the depths of stupidity you have to plumb to get there would require a drilling crew.

This might be time for the Cassidy camp to start collecting testimonials from his Medicaid patients about what a wonderful man he is. Or maybe not. The voters in Louisiana appear to be just as tired of the race card as everyone else is.



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