Funniest Twitter #FAIL…Evah!

Delaware has a governor. He’s a Democrat. His name is Jack Markell. And he was at some elementary school to announce some giveaway program for poor kids, or whatever. Democrat stuff.

So the people who run his Twitter account were gonna tweet a pic of him huggin’ on the poor kids, or whatever, and…

Hey, wait a minute. This is a Van Halen video? Or a giveaway program for poor kids? What are they givin’ away? Hookers?

And how come the Governor’s got pics like that to tweet out?

Naturally, it ain’t his device that pic came from. That’s what they ssssssaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. So whose skanky S&M Dominatrix girlfriend from Gov. Markell’s staff is that?

We’d all like to know.

So here was the crawfishing tweet that followed…



If you get the impression somebody on the Gov’s staff is gonna get “inadvertantly” thrown under the bus…you ain’t crazy.

At least that staffer can fall back on bondage photography. Which is a much more reputable gig than Democrat politics.

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