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Previously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky reveals new details about her relationship with the controversial Chicago activist and shed light on her early ideological development.” – Washington Free Beacon

“The Clinton Mafiosi playbook has many chapters, and the cover-up is a longstanding favorite. A few historical reminders are necessary for those who didn’t live through them.” – American Spectator

“Manhattan’s flood of green protesters had climate-change skeptics seeing red Sunday.” – NY Post

“Michelle Fields ran into Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the ‘People’s Climate March’ in NYC on Sunday. The two had a testy exchange and RFK Jr. revealed his climate rage when Michelle pressed him about being a hypocrite and urged him to lead by example.” – PJ Media

“The leader of a prominent abortion political organization is being discussed as a possible candidate to take over the Democratic National Committee.” – Daily Caller

“Some of an estimated 100 Americans who have traveled to the Middle East and joined terrorist organizations like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have returned to the United States, a senior administration official said Monday.” – The Hill

“The American people’s reaction to Muslim thugs of the ‘Islamic State’ ritually knifing off the heads of people who look like you and me boils down to ‘let’s destroy these bastards’—which is common sense. But our ruling class, from President Obama on the Left to The Wall Street Journal on the Right, take the public’s pressure to do this as another occasion for further indulging their longtime preferences, prejudices, and proclivities for half-measures in foreign affairs—the very things that have invited people from all over the planet to join hunting season on Americans.” – Angelo Codevilla/The Federalist

Lois Lerner is toxic — and she knows it. But she refuses to recede into anonymity or beg for forgiveness for her role in the IRS tea party-targeting scandal.” – POLITICO

“There’s a 35-second version of this clip making the rounds today that showcases the big surprise at the end but you can’t appreciate the full subversive weirdness of what happened without watching the entire segment. It’s a straight news report on legalizing marijuana, replete with an interview with an opponent, for three minutes — and then, suddenly, it isn’t.” – Hot Air

“So the guy who called Gillibrand ‘chubby’ — Jesus Christ Almighty, I can’t believe this is a major national story, but that’s the stupid, trivial, childish, tribal society we live in — is now revealed as…” – Ace Of Spades


“But if you want to see the best of the NFL — to understand how an entire devastated community can be lifted up by a professional sports franchise — never, ever let yourself forget what the Saints did for New Orleans when the NFL ordered owner Tom Benson to keep the team there after the horrors of Katrina. Have you ever seen grown men, a city’s expatriates all across the country, literally weep for joy, uncontrollably, over a first-quarter play in an early-season game? That’s what happened — the stories are legion — when gritty overachiever Steve Gleason blocked a Falcons punt in the first-ever game back in the Superdome after the hurricane.” – Quin Hillyer/National Review

“In a race that’s going to be close — clearly we tip the scales,” said Fudge of black voters. “So we’re going to be spending a lot of time in Louisiana because we believe that the senator can win and we believe she will win. … We believe we can make a difference in Louisiana.” – Opelousas Daily World

“U.S. senatorial candidate Rob Maness might be both a fine fellow and a solid conservative, but there are good reasons why some Louisiana conservatives wish he would exit his race. Most of those reasons involve conservatives’ desire to see incumbent Mary Landrieu finally evicted from office. The peculiar nature of Louisiana’s open primary makes it more likely Landrieu eventually will be re-elected if Maness keeps running.” – Quin Hillyer/Baton Rouge Advocate

“On energy, while Jindal is also well-positioned to discuss the issue as the governor of a major energy-producing state – and one that faced a huge energy-industry mess with the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010, the handling of which was terribly botched by the Obama Administration, to Jindal’s evident public frustration – the situation is different.” – RedState

For the second time this summer, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., blocked passage of a bipartisan Senate bill to impose economic sanctions against Venezuela.” – Lake Charles American Press

“Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera’s office on Monday released a nonpartisan overview about the English and math standards used in Louisiana’s public school classrooms.” – WBRZ

In an unusual move, the state Office of Conservation has agreed to hold a public hearing in St. Tammany Parish to gather public comment on Helis Oil & Gas Co.’s application for a permit to drill a well near Mandeville. The hearing was requested by the town of Abita Springs and the group Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany, which is fighting the oil company’s proposal to drill a well northeast of Mandeville and use the controversial fracking method to extract oil.” – NOLA.com

“Floating high overhead, the DirecTV Blimp made a brief appearance in New Orleans over the weekend. The blimp took to the skies of New Orleans on Saturday and Sunday, tweeting a couple of aerial photos.” – Fox 8 Live

“New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is urging Gov. Bobby Jindal to remove hundreds of state inmates from Orleans Parish Prison. In a Sept. 18 letter to the governor, Landrieu said the burden of ‘warehousing’ state inmates is costly and legally unnecessary.” – NOLA.com

“On her first day interning at the nonprofit Gardere Initiative, Tonyea McCaleb was nervous. Growing up on the other side of the parish, all she ever heard was negative comments about the south Baton Rouge neighborhood. She expected rampant crime and rundown neighborhoods trashed by litter.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

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