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“President Obama appeared on Meet the Press this morning with new host Chuck Todd. The conversation focused primarily on ISIS, Iraq and Syria. Much could be said about Obama’s comments, but what struck me most was how disassociated from reality Obama appears to be–both when he defends his own record, and when he talks about foreign policy.” – John Hinderaker/Power Line

“In light of the results, I’d expect that national Republicans are kicking off the week with an extra spring in their step, as well. We were leaked an advance copy of last week’s much-anticipated Politico/GWU Battleground poll, which was packed with more than a few hopeful morsels for conservatives. This weekend’s polling volley applies those national trends to roughly a dozen contests across the 2014 Senate landscape — the contours of which I outlined here. An overview of the fresh data:” – Guy Benson/Hot Air

“A stable society depends on a stable Middle Class. A subsidized Middle Class is inherently unstable. When the really rich and the really poor are upset, rarely does the society apple cart itself get upset or overturned. But when the Middle Class is upset, you can bet the apple cart will be overturned. And in Washington, DC, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are offering policies to put the Middle Class back in ownership of their own lives. The resentment will continue until it boils over or changes are made to put the social order back as it was intended — using the social safety net to help the poor, not subsidize the Middle Class.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

“The truth is that while growth is admirable in some areas and age groups, American students still perform shockingly poorly in absolute terms. In the 2013 NAEP assessment, only 35 percent of 8th graders were deemed proficient in mathematics, and only 36 percent were proficient in reading. According to American College Testing, only one of every four students in the class of 2012 who took the ACT exam scored “college ready” in all four tested subjects.” – Washington Examiner

“Mike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow of the Heritage Foundation and former Bush administration official, told Breitbart News Sunday that conservatives can reverse the trend of Hispanics’ lopsided support for Democrats by endorsing policies of education choice, family values, and financial freedom.” – Breitbart

“The consultant class always says play it safe, choose a risk-averse strategy,” Ryan says. “I don’t think we have the luxury of doing that. We need to treat people like adults by offering them alternatives.” – Matthew Continetti/National Review

Faking poverty isn’t just an election strategy, it’s also protective camouflage as the members of a political movement that is robbing the country blind cry poverty and point at the Koch Brothers. ‘They’re the ones who robbed you. Go get them, boys.'” – Sultan Knish

“Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) will reportedly unveil a new proposal that would overturn any corporate inversions since 1994.” – The Hill

Questions are emerging over possible conflicts-of-interest after The New York Times highlighted Qatari funding for U.S. think tanks, including the Brookings Institute, employer of former U.S. envoy Martin Indyk, who was directly involved in recent negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.” – Algemeiner

On Monday, Army Radio reported that Sisi had offered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas 1,600 square kilometers in Sinai to expand the Gaza Strip to five times its current size. According to the plan, the territory would serve as a Palestinian state under the complete control of the PA. The new territory, composed of Gaza together with the extra land in Sinai, would be a demilitarized state that would serve as a home to which Palestinian refugees could return.” – Jerusalem Post


“In the swamps of south Louisiana, a half dozen Republican members of Congress from around the country have gathered this weekend to shoot alligators, stuff themselves on Cajun food and raise money for one who was once of their own, former U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry. Hunting guides, seasoned cooks and Landry’s family and friends traded stories Friday with U.S. House members from South Carolina, Georgia, Wyoming and Indiana as a dead alligator stretched across the tail end of a pickup truck and smothered potatoes cooked nearby.” – NOLA.com

“When federal District Judge Martin L.C. Feldman ruled Wednesday in favor of Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriages, it was not evidence that anti-homosexual bigotry still reigns. Instead, it just means that at least one judge still takes seriously the essential structure and meaning of the U.S. Constitution.” – Quin Hillyer/Baton Rouge Advocate

Senator Landrieu has failed to stand up for pro-life Louisiana values and must be defeated,” said Women Speak Out PAC President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Not only has Senator Landrieu voted for taxpayer funding of abortion and against conscience rights, she refuses to support a common sense, compassionate limit on abortion after 5 months. That’s more than halfway through pregnancy and the point at which the unborn child can feel excruciating pain. Senator Landrieu callously dismissed this abortion limit, which is supported by the majority of Americans, including women, as a ‘shame,’ saying that it’s ‘not the norm’ for babies born at 20 weeks to live outside the hospital.” – LifeNews

“In July, a sanctions bill to punish the Venezuelan government for human rights violations was being fast tracked toward passage in the Senate, and I stopped it. I believe that the legislation as written was too vague and would jeopardize 2,000-plus jobs in this region and put the Lake Charles Citgo refinery at risk.” – Mary Landrieu/Lafayette Advertiser

Despite not knowing ‘the dude,’ Robertson went on to tell donors that he had an opportunity to query McAllister in 2013 prior to the special election in the 5th Congressional District, asking him if he was a man of God and family, if he had any objections to killing and skinning game. But Robertson said he felt like he was misled. ‘Two months in he’s messing with some chick,’ Robertson said at the fundraiser.” – LAPolitics.com

“Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin reported to the Texarkana Federal Correction Institution with just 20 minutes to spare before the Noon deadline Monday, where he will serve a 10-year sentence on corruption charges.” – WAFB

“East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Detectives on Monday added a charge of forcible rape against William Hayden, 49, of 11770 Greenwell Springs, for the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl that occurred approximately 22 years ago within East Baton Rouge Parish. Hayden was the star of the Discover Channel reality TV show “Sons of Guns,” which was filmed in Baton Rouge.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Louisiana state agencies are paying above-market rates to rent office space from New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and $625,000 for space it’s not using.” – KATC

“The LSU Tigers will get their first primetime game of the season on Sept. 20 when they take on Mississippi State at 7 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. CT on ESPN, the SEC announced Monday.” – Saturday Down South

“Come October, Louisiana’s state government workers will be forced to enroll in health care plans for next year that have higher out-of-pocket costs and fewer amenities. And state legislators are hearing about it from their constituents.” – NOLA.com

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