SARGE: It’s The Extortion, Stupid

A lot of people are getting their bedclothes in a knot because of criticism concerning governmental “negotiations” with terrorists. America, under our fearless leader Beaurat Obama and his stooge John “I’m a war hero” Kerry, gave five high-ranking Al-Qaeda operatives to get a misguided/captured/deserted little fella described as seriously ill and in danger of getting worse if he wasn’t returned immediately to the loving care of his mommy and daddy.

This act of “negotiation” on the part of the Obama ad-menstruation seeking to appear forceful and commanding when making nothing but a mess of American foreign policy seems to have back-fired at the point of initiation. But, there may be a point of absolution for Obama if the mainstream media (aka MSM) have anything to say about it by NOT saying anything about it anymore. In other words the MSM has stopped broadcasting how Obama and Kerry saved Bergdahl’s life because so many people were infuriated by the obviously unbalanced trade: Al Qaeda 5 – United States nothing but a deserter waiting to be indicted after investigation by Army REMFs (Rear Echelon Mutha F$%^&ers) more interested in their next promotion than they are in anything else. Politics does hold sway at the highest levels. Just look at General Dempsey.

Now people are debating whether we should negotiate with terrorists when they threaten to decapitate innocent journalists and citizens of their own countries unless their demands are met. This is NOT negotiation and should be dealt with at the same level the terrorists practice it. You capture the terrorist, you give him a fair trial and then you bathe his sand dusted, sweaty little butt in pork gravy and send him to Allah with a pork chop hanging around his neck so Allah knows for sure what it is.

That would show the terrorists we too know how to “negotiate” as they do. Do you still get the virgins if you’re unclean? Would they even want you with a Boston Butt in place of yours as you try to enter paradise? I don’t think so.

What these clots are demanding has nothing to do with “negotiation”. It’s “extortion”; the clear and present demand and practice of trying to get something through force, threats or blackmail. In other words: “you don’t gimme what I want, I give him back in pieces”.

“Hey! Obama! Kerry! Do you call this negotiation, you morons?”

The dice have been cast and they keep coming up snake eyes because Obama has all of the Foreign policy leadership chops as a two-legged kitten. It’s weak and can’t stand well on its own. Add to this equation a totally narcissistic grand-stander like Kerry (or should we call you Mr. Heinz?) who has a history of delivering aid and comfort to America’s enemies since the late sixties and early seventies.

Since 9/11 we’ve been waging a war against a guerrilla army. It started when Osama bin Laden convinced a bunch of intelligence deficient wannabees to fly jets into the World Trade Center. It was shortly after that a REAL President stood on the rubble and said we’d have justice. He initiated a strategy and a battle plan that let the world know we don’t negotiate with terrorists.


Then along comes this guy, after the heavy-lifting’s been done, issuing conflicting statements and throwing his pen and phone around like he knows what America’s really about and we get headless journalists sent home in body bags. That’s some kind of leadership to have a man without a set of testes stand before the world and say flat out “we don’t have a strategy” and expects the world to care what he says after that statement.

No wonder that KGB refugee Putin feels he can “extort” compliance from Obama with the threat of nuclear weapons. To this I say: “I know Obama’s been hiding the nuclear “Go” keys could answer your threat in kind. Just remember that jackal won’t always be there and there are a lot more Pithed Off (sic) old vets waiting to greet you when you try to come ashore.”

We’ll gladly negotiate your placement next to Lenin in that glass sarcophagus.

Thanks for listening.

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