SARGE: No Apology To The Simon LeGree Of The Senate

All this bombast concerning Bill Cassidy’s statement Harry Reid runs the Senate like a “plantation” is funny. Or, at least it would be funny if it weren’t true. Harry Reid demanding an apology is akin to us expecting him to actually allow House sponsored legislation to be pulled from the lower left drawer of his desk where he keeps his integrity and character.

It probably won’t happen any faster than Cassidy issuing a mea culpa delivered to the left breast pocket of Obama’s empty suit. (The mea culpa is offered by patting the chest over the heart and means “ mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa – “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault”; and is a supplication to God accepting responsibility for sin.) As Harry Reid is the last person (behind Obama) deserving of a mea culpa because of his definitely NOT being God-like, I think Cassidy is right in refusing to apologize.

I believe Cassidy should tell the fatuous ass to shove it into his rectal brain vault and go his merry way.

Another thing I find shocking is the fact a man I’ve admired for his service to our country and his attempted service in the Senate should stand in formation with a fecal smear like Harry Reid and against a fellow Republican rather than align himself with the truth of the statement.

Plantations are a matter of history. They existed and still do as tourist traps and historical statements of the beauty of architecture and quality of construction to last over a century. The horror of some plantation owner’s treatment of slaves is fact. Nobody will change it. But there is a corollary to be seen between the “plantation” mentality and the Senate as run by Reid’s governmental equivalent of Simon Legree.

Simon Legree, for those not reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin (you know I never thought about that analogy before- Obama turning the White House into Uncle Tom’s Cabin) was the violent, ruthlessly evil master of the plantation Uncle Tom inhabited. Legree was a vicious, barbaric, and loathsome man. Legree fostered dissension and distrust among his slaves. He kept everybody on edge and disobedience was rewarded with a flogging. Legree was a terrorist.

Enter Harry Reid. He’s a man known for his violent rhetoric. He’s vicious in his criticism. He fosters distrust and acrimony among those of lesser status in the hierarchy (which means everybody). He (for me) is loathsome and slimy and resembles the Golem in the Lord of the Rings. His manners and grasp of civility and the decorum he demands for his cohorts and he, is as well-defined as the Golem’s.

Reid responded to Cassidy’s statement with this little butt nugget: “With all the things going on in America today, that’s fairly insensitive. That’s really insensitive. Very insensitive. And if there were any statement that deserved an apology, this is it, big time.” With the way Reid rejects apology for his distortions, misdirections and outright lies absolutely and preciously showing his duplicity and careless direction of partisan politics, it can be said to be ironic at best and B.S. as usual.

Harry Reid is a walking, talking governmental toothache throwing America’s government into agony. With each movement of his mouth the Senate grinds to a halt because he won’t allow the Senate to move legislation forward. Yet, he constantly proclaims the Republicans stand in the way of progress.

He’s a true elitist cast in Legree’s mold. He benefits from America’s pain. He dispenses it like a true Overseer wielding a whip against any and all who disagree with him. He derides and punishes that which he doesn’t desire. He’s a political sadist.

For Harry Reid to demand an apology goes beyond irony to stupidity. For Colonel Maness to ally himself for a nanosecond with Reid is not only wrong, it’s disappointing and indicative of not knowing for sure where his principles are grounded. And, that’s something I didn’t expect of him: that he would demand appearance over substance and distortion of fact to distance us from truth.

Colonel? I regret you did that.

Thanks for listening (at least I hope you are).



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