LAYOVER: Landrieu Misses Deadline For Taxpayer-Funded Private Flights Internal Investigation

It seems Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has missed her flight, or in this case, her deadline.

After illegally charging taxpayers for private flights to campaign fundraisers, Landrieu said she would conduct an internal investigation into all of her private flights that she billed on the public’s dime. Landrieu ordered a review of all of her plane rides that she’s ever taken in her 18 years in the US Senate.

The self-imposed deadline for the internal investigation by Landrieu’s team was Sept. 8. That day has come and go and still no report on her private plane rides funded by the taxpayers of the state.

A spokesman with the Republican National Committee (RNC) said Landrieu missing her own deadline only further makes voters question her motives during her re-election campaign.

“Senator Landrieu promised transparency into her taxpayer funded travel and by ignoring her own deadline she is giving Louisiana voters reason to question what she is hiding,” said RNC spokesman Ben Voelkel. “After living in Washington, D.C. for nearly two decades, Landrieu must think that she no longer needs to be accountable to Louisiana voters. This is just another broken Landrieu promise, and after seeing her vote for ObamaCare and her failure to deliver the Keystone Pipeline, Louisiana is tired of her deception and empty words.”

When the reports came out that Landrieu had broken federal law by charging taxpayers for private plane rides to fundraising events, Landrieu’s team said they would conduct the review. This immediately simmered down the mainstream press because it appeared that Landrieu was taking care of the matter herself.

LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said her re-election team used the self-imposed investigation to detract attention from the situation.

“Senator Landrieu used this internal investigation to give herself some breathing room while her campaign was struggling, and now the time has come for her to be held accountable,” 

Landrieu has cost taxpayers a whopping $8,900 for her private plane rides to campaign fundraisers. And, at first, Landrieu’s team blamed the private plane company that Landrieu uses. However, Butler Aviation exclusively told the Hayride News that ultimately, responsibility falls onto Landrieu and her team.



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