Susan Rice Still Has A Job

Proof that no level of incompetence or misbehavior can dislodge an Obama insider from employment on the taxpayers’ dime is this nugget of information. Please excuse the salty language in the quote, but its inclusion seems necessary for full effect…

On the edges of the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, which took place Sept. 5 and 6, 2013, Washington continued to push for international support of military action [in Syria] as it had been doing ineffectively since late August. In one meeting, [National-security adviser Susan] Rice pressed the German delegation relentlessly for leadership within the European Union. The Germans sought more time and consultation with other EU member states, frustrating Rice to the point that she lost her cool and reportedly launched into a profanity-filled lecture that featured a rare diplomatic appearance of the word “motherfucker.” Germany’s national security adviser, Christoph Heusgen, was so angered that he told an American confidante it was the worst meeting of his professional life.

The entire Foreign Policy piece about the misadventures of Barack Obama on the world stage is worth a read.

Is it any real surprise we are where we are? Remember how Obama would bring peace and security just based on his persona and life story?



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