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“Nowadays the rainbow is symbolic of judgment again. Except this time no mercy is forthcoming from the cultural Marxists who have hijacked it. They seek to ruthlessly banish from public life any who still believe as those who founded America once did.” – Steve Deace/Washington Times

“In America this week for a one-week tour, Wilders chatted with The American Spectator about Islam, the civilizational conflict, and what must be done to keep the West free.” – Scott McKay/The American Spectator

“We are beginning to learn that the Bush administration declined to talk about the discovery of thousands of WMDs in Iraq. But that’s only the beginning of the story, since that policy was just one part of a concerted and largely successful effort to quash unwanted news from the battlefield. That effort predated the invasion of Iraq by two years, and its consequences — a systematic distortion of recent history that shapes our national security policies — are still very much with us.” – Michael Ledeen/PJ Media

“Once is an isolated incident, but twice is something else entirely. Less than 24-hours after the rapidly imploding Wendy Davis campaign in Texas warned that the interracially married Greg Abbott may just try to ban interracial marriage as governor, Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) supporters in North Carolina are also engaging in a bit of inelegant race-baiting.” – Hot Air

“An Arizona county party official said he saw a man stuffing ‘hundreds’ of ballots into the ballot box and later told a local news outlet the entire incident was caught on surveillance video.” – The Blaze

“Latvia’s military says NATO has sent up jets twice in two days to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea.” – AP

“Oscar de la Renta, the doyen of American fashion, whose career began in the 1950s in Franco’s Spain, sprawled across the better living rooms of Paris and New York, and who was the last survivor of that generation of bold, all-seeing tastemakers, died on Monday at his home in Kent, Conn. He was 82.” – NY Times

“While it’s easy to have compassion for a person who was misled by a powerful person at the tender age of twenty-four, one would think she would have a better perspective on the scandal she was involved in by age 40. Ms. Lewinsky wasn’t a victim of cyber-bullying; she was a victim of having sexual relations with a person at or near the peak of power. She became news just as Donna Rice, Elizabeth Ray, Fanne Foxe and many others had before her.” – Truth Revolt

For the next thirty minutes, Reagan, fully aware of Goldwater’s impending loss, sailed directly against the prevailing political winds. He made the case for conservatism, illustrating repeatedly what biographer Steven F. Hayward terms Reagan’s belief that ‘government is a threat to liberty.’ In the face of a landslide for LBJ and his Great Society Reagan was the warning :” – Jeffrey Lord/The American Spectator

“The depressive donkey in A.A. Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories pretty much matches the mood of Americans lately, according to the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released last week. When 1,000 potential voters were asked whether they think the nation is on the right or wrong track, 65% of them said the country had taken a wrong turn, and only 25% said the U.S. was on the right path.” – WSJ


“In Louisiana, the Justice Department colluded with so-called civil rights groups to badger the state to push welfare agency voter registration even harder that it was already being pushed.  Perez’s Civil Rights Division wired up federal employees, paralegals and other staffers with electronic listening equipment. They sent them into welfare agencies across Louisiana to see how aggressively state welfare employees pushed people to register to vote.” – Christian Adams/PJ Media

“U.S. Sen. David Vitter is in the latter category. He’s a man on a mission, and has been for a few years now. While much has been made of the money underwriting Vitter’s quest to become governor next year, his political machinations along the same path have gone largely unseen and underreported. But make no mistake: his moves are just as important as his money.” – Jeremy Alford/LAPolitics.com

“Against predictions, Louisiana public school performance edged up a hair in the first year of Common Core testing, according to 2013-14 data released Tuesday. The state recorded a performance score of 89.2 on a 150-point scale, which is considered a B.” – NOLA.com

“Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered Monday state agencies to develop policies covering travel to Ebola stricken countries by their employees, students and faculty.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Delinquent filings including unpaid taxes by a Texas oil and gas exploration company co-owned by 5th District Congressman Vance McAllister have resulted in the termination of the company’s charter.” – Ouachita Citizen

“Our first respondent is James Varney, a longtime political reporter and columnist at The Times-Picayune in New Orleans. He helps us analyze the race between incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, Republican Representative Bill Cassidy, and Republican Rob Maness.” – The Atlantic

“Former President Bill Clinton told a cheering crowd of Mary Landrieu supporters on Monday that voter turnout and early voting will be key to Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race this fall.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Once it’s concluded, the shift of newspaper printing to Mobile will result in more than 100 jobs being eliminated at ACS Louisiana, said ACS Louisiana General Manager Ray Massett. The change will not affect the size of the news and ad sales staffs of NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune, according to Ricky Mathews, President of NOLA Media Group, which operates NOLA.com and publishes The Times-Picayune. NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune is the state’s largest news organization and will remain so, Mathews said.” – NOLA.com

“An old political standby — the future of Medicare — is emerging as the go-to issue in Louisiana’s bitter Senate race as the candidates woo seniors who typically wield strong influence in midterm elections.” – Newser

An LSU sprinter is accused of raping a woman at a party. Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake is behind bars on forcible rape charges.” – WAFB

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