Low Popahirum, October 7, 2014


Elbert Guillory has just shown us the way forward.” – The Federalist

“A new independent poll shows Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo holds a slight lead in the 5th District congressional race. Meanwhile, support for Congressman Vance McAllister and Dr. Ralph Abraham of Mangham showed signs of weakness.” – Ouachita Citizen

“One of the co-authors of this piece is conservative, the other liberal. We disagree on many things, and we have argued — in this newspaper — about the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East’s lawsuit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies. Yet regarding Louisiana’s coast, we agree on a lot more, including the fact that the energy industry caused significant damage to it. And we agree on the need for aggressive actions to combat these losses.” – Quin Hillyer and John Barry/Baton Rouge Advocate

“That would bring the total number of states where gay marriage is legal to 30. What’s next for the remaining 20 states, including Louisiana? Without a Supreme Court ruling, which would establish the law for the entire country, rulings made by each federal Circuit Court jurisdiction are the final word. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New Orleans, is preparing to review lawsuits challenging the bans in Texas and Louisiana, and those bans remain in place in the meantime.” – NOLA.com

The decision had no effect on Louisiana, where gay marriage continues to be illegal.” – Shreveport Times

Bruce Greenstein is being sued by CNSI, the company he worked for before being appointed secretary of DHH, for breach of contract. The company is also suing the state.” – WAFB

Louisiana motorists are buckling up at record high rates in 2014, but safety officials point out that more work needs to be done to convince male, some minority and pickup truck drivers and passengers to always wear their seat belts.” – Donaldsonville Chief

“The number of Louisiana high school students who qualified for college credit this year rose by 24.6 percent, which is tops in the nation, the state Department of Education announced Tuesday.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“The Retired State Employees Association of Louisiana took a step toward suing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration over a controversial government health care overhaul plan Monday (Oct. 6).” – NOLA.com

“A Terrebonne Parish couple are accused of stealing more than $40,000 worth of items from 40 camps in Chauvin and Cocodrie in the past two months, Sheriff Jerry Larpenter said.” – Houma Courier

Businesses are taking a hit with LSU’s lackluster start to the season. Managers at businesses depending on LSU to attract customers said Monday, they’ve seen high-dollar differences the Sunday following an LSU loss.” – WBRZ


“The Supreme Court’s inaction Monday on a spate of gay marriage cases moves ‘marriage,’ as humans have always understood the word, closer to its coffin. Fair enough.” – James Varney/NOLA.com

“It turns out that the old saw might need to be changed to reflect the current reality: God helps children, drunks, and the Republican Party. In the span of two weeks the mistakes — and they are legion — made by the GOP’s Brahmins have been eclipsed by an orgy of wild pitches and own-goals on the other side.” – Scott McKay/American Spectator

All of that is now in jeopardy, thanks to one government lawyer in Washington, D.C. The National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel decided earlier this year that the decades-old rules of franchising law no longer apply — that franchisors are ‘joint employers’ and can thus be held liable for the employment decisions of individual franchisees.” – National Review

“With just 28 days to go until Election Day, the U.S. Senate picture looks remarkably stable—but there is still a great deal of uncertainty.” – Charlie Cook/National Journal

Home-schoolers represent the only authentically radical social movement in the United States (Occupy Wall Street was a fashion statement) and so they must be suppressed, as a malevolent committee of leftist academics and union bosses under the direction of Governor Dannel Malloy is preparing to do in Connecticut, using the Sandy Hook massacre as a pretext. The ghouls invariably rush to the podium after every school massacre, issuing their insipid press releases before the bodies have even cooled, and normally they’re after your guns. But the Malloy gang is after your children.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

What on earth is Mr. Obama doing? That’s what I keep thinking. The Middle East is on fire. We are not even close to stopping ISIS. It is steadily growing, absorbing more people and more territory like a cancerous tumor. Yes, occasionally it has setbacks and it can be stopped. As Stalin told Churchill about the Nazis, no one is immortal and unstoppable. Anyone who gets shot goes down. But there just don’t seem to be enough people ready to risk beheading by shooting at ISIS.” – Ben Stein/American Spectator

“According to a recent Gallup poll, voters will be sending a message to President Obama—and it may not bode well for Democrats.” – Legal Insurrection

“I continually find it amazing that the Democratic party put all of its domestic policy eggs in one basket like this. Particularly since the entire Obamacare system – absolutely the entire system – was based on the idea that American consumers can’t do math. And before anybody says that they can’t, that particular sneer is mostly aimed at things like algebra and trigonometry. When it comes to checkbook stuff we all turn into human calculators; particularly when it comes to figuring out whether six hundred bucks is less, or more, than eleven thousand. Turns out that they can, and plan accordingly.” – RedState

“Increasingly, I am thinking that Barack Obama does not know the difference between good and evil. Now I realize implying that someone can’t make that distinction, really the difference between right and wrong, is a harsh condemnation indeed, but I think it is something that should be examined in Obama’s case since it would explain many of the extraordinary missteps of his presidency. Those missteps are only escalating at the present moment as evil stalks the globe at an ever rising pace.” – Roger L. Simon/PJ Media

“Here in America and across the landscape of Europe, political correctness has become the greatest obstacle to free speech, forcing a civilized public to acquiesce to evil.” – William Pollack/Right Wing News

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