Mary Landrieu Pays Women Less Than Men, But She Says Its ‘Bogus’

During the most recent Senate debate, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) claimed that the allegations that her Senate office pays women less than men were “bogus.” Here’s what Landrieu said in full of the allegations:

“The women are not paid less in my office and it’s a bogus claim, and there are all sorts of bogus claims in this campaign.”

However, the women in Landrieu’s Senate office are in fact paid less than men. In an analysis by the Washington Free Beacon based on Senate financial records from the 2013 fiscal year, “the average male salary in Landrieu’s office was $13,037 higher than the average female salary last year. Women made just 82 cents for each dollar made by men.”

Staffers that were not employed for the entire year were excluded from the analysis. Accordingly, Landrieu’s pay gap did not include one of her highest paid employees, Chief of Staff Donald Cravins, who worked part of the year on the Small Business Committee. Cravens still earned $120,504.14 from Landrieu’s Senate office in 2013.

Altogether, the male employees in Landrieu’s Senate office earned an average of $71,945.82 in 2013, while Landrieu’s female employees earned an average salary of $58,907.95 in 2013.

The report is troubling for Landrieu and other democrats who have been accused of paying women less because party leaders often times invoke passing new legislation, such as the Paycheck Fairness Act. Also, democrats have more than often said that women earn 77 cents to every male counterpart’s dollar.

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