New York Hipsters Become National Security Threat

Well, yesterday was one hell of a day in the Big Apple, wasn’t it?

First, there was the revelation that a 32-year old Columbia graduate physician with Doctors Without Borders had brought Ebola back from West Africa, and the protocols he followed in preventing the spread of the disease were, shall we say, less stringent than the rest of us might be comfortable with.

Since returning from Africa, Spencer rode the A, L, and No. 1 subway lines, went running, used an Uber livery cab, and went to a bowling alley in Williamsburg called the Gutter Wednesday night, said Dr. Mary Bassett, the city’s health commissioner. He also visited the High Line park in Manhattan at some point, she said. He began exhibiting a fever and diarrhea on Thursday morning.

His most recent subway ride came just hours before his Ebola test.

“He was exposed to four people. His fiance, a cab driver and two friends he went bowling with,” Cuomo said.

Via Got News, this is Dr. Craig Spencer, with his fiancee Morgan Dixon…

The Got News link has all kinds of biographical information about these two. “Do-gooders” would be a fair characterization. They’re big on saving the world, when Spencer isn’t trucking the world’s deadliest virus all over two NYC boroughs.

And then there was the other NYC hipster…

That’s footage of an attempted murder. The guy with the hatchet is swinging it at a NYPD cop, who he hits in the head. The cop, a 25-year old rookie and father of two, is in stable condition in the hospital. The attacker also managed to use the hatchet on the arm of another cop, who was less seriously injured, before going down in a hail of gunfire. A bystander was struck by a stray bullet and was also hospitalized.

This idiot’s name is Zale Thompson, and he brings a little different national security threat than the Ebola twins did. Turns out Zale Thompson, who also graduated from Columbia, likes ISIS.

And there are uncomfortable commonalities with other Islamist attacks that have law enforcement in New York and Washington on high alert.

On a Facebook page bearing Thompson’s name, a warrior masked in a head and face scarf and armed with spear, sword and rifle gazes out at the beholder. The vintage black and white photo is the profile picture of the user, who lives in Queens.

A Quran quote in classic Arabic calligraphy mentioning judgment against those who have wandered astray serves as the page’s banner.

Some of the user’s Facebook friends posted articles about Thompson’s attack and death, referring to him by name and linking back to the Facebook page.

Thompson has been in trouble with the law before. He had a criminal record in California, a law enforcement official said, and the Navy discharged him for disorderly conduct.

Thompson’s Facebook page says he’s a graduate of Teachers’ College at Columbia.

Can you equate Spencer and Thompson? Probably not. Spencer is just irresponsible for not obeying a quarantine and believing that he and those around him are indestructible. He wasn’t trying to infect anybody with Ebola; in fact, he was in Guinea trying to treat people with the disease.

Thompson, on the other hand, moved from leftist anti-Americanism to Islamic anti-Americanism. And in typical hipster style, he brought a baby hatchet to a gunfight and got himself killed as a failed jihadist. No virgins for him, or if he gets any they’re the leftovers.

But the effect is the same. Here you have a pair of early 30-something New York hipsters, marinating in entitlement and lefty activism, who by act or omission have made themselves a threat to the public. And Lena Dunham wasn’t even involved.

We’ll see more of this kind of thing, and at some point we’ll need to begin asking questions about what we’re doing as a country in raising a generation of people so brazen in their poor judgement.

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