SARGE: Getting Pithy

Pith: (noun) The central and most important part of something such as an argument or discussion.

When I was in school I was pleasantly surprised to be given the task of gathering frogs for dissection in class. I managed to trap enough specimens to make my teacher happy and torture many of the lovely young ladies I wanted to impress. (It was a miserable failure as you might guess.) From the capture we moved on to the nastier element of learning how to euthanize the specimen humanely.

After shoving a “pick” through the back of the frog’s head and separate the spinal cord from the base of the brain, but I quickly figured dying in bed at an advanced age was better than listening to that crunch of wiggling the pick to assure the animal’s demise. Anyway (moving on) we did the dissections and learned we’d never be happy as frog assassins.

Recently I determined most of our local, regional and national representatives (at all levels of government) might need to be pithed. They don’t seem to use their intellect as much as they should. They seem to be disconnected from their constituencies and in general they appear to believe they blithely may do whatever the hell they choose to do without regard to the voices of their electors.

Maybe government needs to be metaphorically separated from its corporeal existence and dissected to figure out just what it is makes these people think they control us rather us controlling their actions.

Government is a social organism. It’s a living breathing eating sleeping working thing capable a parasitic destruction of the host it infests. It feeds on the needs of people too weak to fight it because they draw sustenance from their symbiotic (or interdependent) relationship with the host. Government grows with the refusal of the parasite to release from the host. Remoras are fish living off of their placement and attachment to sharks. They remove other parasites from the shark’s skin. In turn the Shark remains disease free from the Remora removing the infestation. Both benefit.

But, the rest of the society is scavenged by these parasites detrimentally. So this is where I pith (sic) everybody off. Welfare recipients, social pariahs such as Congressmen and Senators, Assemblymen, Parish/City Council members and other participants without term limits draw their self-image and self-importance from their positions in government. Without government they are nothing beyond the rest of us and as such, feel slighted by fate. Hence we have their belief we can’t live without them. They all attach themselves to the government and draw sustenance and therefore survival from their sucking the host dry.

I personally am tired of welfare recipients, social pariahs i.e. Congressmen and Senators, Assemblymen, Parish/City Council members, village aldermen and women and other government parasites without term limits and generationally are killing the fatted calf for their own benefit.

We’re continually raising debt ceilings and printing scrip with ever lessening value both nationally and internationally so as to tax the world economic system to a point of fiscal and economic exhaustion. We have no “standard” (gold, petro or silver) on which to base our currency other than the “full faith, credit and integrity” of governments showing they have no integrity when it comes to serving the people. Government thrives on the infection developing in the flailed flesh and scarred hides of the people whipped into submission to support those who’ll not contribute. The government advances by walking over the skeletonizing and emaciating good will of their citizens.

This must stop soon or there’ll be no return to what’s been accepted as “normal” in American society. The generalized disaffection and spiritual malaise the American people are suffering from is a result of being poisoned by avarice, greed and personal drives of all of the participants in this benign assault of the scavengers’ needs.

More and more people grow dissatisfied daily. More and more they suffer the weight of greater and greater numbers of parasites suckling from the teats of a weakening and diseased host.

It’s the American Middle Class needs to have these parasites removed.

Thanks for listening.

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