SARGE: I’ll Take Netanyahu Any Day

So Benjamin Netanyahu is “chickens#it”. What does that make Obama and Kerry? I’d say whale s#it because they’ve dropped lower than any politicians I’ve known before or after them. For anybody in this feckless and demonstrably ineffectual administration to attack, berate and denigrate a Head of State having lived under the threat of armed encounter and having survived actual shooting wars on his territory and within his national borders is the height of stupidity.

Obama has never been under fire. The closest thing he’s had to a bullet whizzing past his head has been Michelle hurling one of her size 30 pumps at his head for acting the fool at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Netanyahu starts his day leaving time in his schedule and is willing to drop whatever he’s doing to attend to terrorist attacks and deaths of his citizens somewhere in Israel. He doesn’t play golf much or junket around the planet. The bomb craters really screw up the putting greens.

Netanyahu is a war-time military and political leader. He knows what war is. He’s been a Commando. He’s been shot at and shot back. He’s walked through hell continually for his entire life.

What’s Obama done to match it? Not a damned thing. Even though Kerry went to Vietnam and allegedly saw combat; he hasn’t lived under the pressures of constant and continual attacks by nations and individuals intent on wiping Israel from the map. But these two wisenheimers think they can impugn the integrity of a man they’re not qualified to carry his water for him.

Obama’s isn’t a leader; he’s a pusher leading from behind and showing he best hides from the terrible realities of life on this planet like Hitler in a bunker. He directs the movements of warriors without any real skill developed from participation in the horrors of war. At least Hitler, though a raving lunatic, was awarded an Iron Cross for bravery under fire. Obama wears the pink pansy of Marxist surrender.

Obama’s response to anything is to talk tough, spit and bluff and when called out on it act pissed off and leave in a huff.  His imaginary “redlines” indicate his lack of sincerity and backbone. Obama’s ineffectual response and lack of dedication to the interests of our military and diplomatic corps in Benghazi is obvious. He says he’s a Commander in Chief but has no idea as to how he should do that job. He’s too busy demanding respect because he can’t earn it. He’s the moral coward.

Obama’s damaged U.S. credibility across the planet. He’s sniffed Putin’s butt and decided he wants no part of any dogfight Putin’s involved in. Obama knows his place on the back porch, beneath the rocking chair when it comes to getting involved in armed conflict. That dog doesn’t even know how to hunt let alone know what to do when confronted with the feral beast.

Obama lends his moral support to terrorists like Hamas because he’s an Islamist apologist of unbelievable dimension. He knows the Qu’ran and spends his time refusing to admit Islamist Fundamentalists are trying to destroy Israel and attack any and all people they deem to be Infidels.

Obama claims the Islamic State is not Islamic. The name says it Islamic. The main actors say it’s Islamic. The world defines the state by the title of the state: THE ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND SYYRIA and/or THE ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND THE LEVANT. Just what the hell does Obama need to accept the fact they say they’re Islamic? Oh, I forgot; what he says is truth and if you don’t go along with it you’re a racist.

Obama is so worried indigenous Africans will suffer for 21 days of prophylactic quarantine he jeopardizes American citizens by not restricting flights to and from West Africa. It would be nice if he spent as much time protecting Americans as he does the potentially hurt feelings of people voting against us in the United Nations on a regular basis.

Obama has said the future doesn’t belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam in the wake of jihadi murders. I say the future doesn’t belong to those who try to force Islam down the American people’s throat under threat of terrorist attack. That future to be denied also extends to those Democrats who support this Islamist Commander in Chief.

You want to make war on American soil? Understand your desire to live in paradise with Allah will be granted: I’ll expedite the travel itinerary.

For Obama and his leeches to call Netanyahu a “chickens#it” for not starting a war Obama and Kerry begged him to not start by bombing Iran directly is beyond disingenuous and a flat-footed lie.

I’ll take a “chickens#it” like better Benjamin Netanyahu any day. It beats the lying a$$hole we’ve got now.

Thanks for listening.



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