There Is A Significant Amount Of Mental Illness In The Animal Rights Movement…

…and this video is proof.

The woman in this video, whose name allegedly is Kelly Atlas, storms into a restaurant with a camera and a gaggle of stooges in tow, and proceeds to berate the patrons with a pathetic and unhinged tale about a chicken named “Snow,” who was “abused all her life” and ended up on a plate just like the restaurant serves.

The restaurant staff and patrons just gape at her in disbelief.

This kind of thing simply can’t be allowed. Kelly, or whatever her name is, might have the 1st Amendment right to spout whatever deranged idiocy she wants on street corners or under an overpass – but she doesn’t have the right to force her way into a private business and disrupt its operations by delivering lunatic rants about animal rights. Nor does she have the right to use the restaurateur’s place of business as the scene for her video without his consent.

What should have happened is for the police to be called and Kelly and her crew arrested for disturbing the peace. And further, said restaurateur needs to sue this woman and “Direct Action Everywhere,” the lunatic mob under whose banner this video was posted, for tortious interference with property.

Here’s a threat of tortious action made on that organization’s website

This October, DxE activists across the world will share the emotional lives of animals in the spaces where their feelings are most forgotten. We will remember their violent deaths over the pale, bloody corpses that are marketed to us as “meat.” And we will haunt the public with heartbreaking stories of the ghosts in the machine.

As an aside, this is about as spot-on a critique of Direct Action Everywhere’s website from earlier today…

… an ambitiously lethargic over-civilized tome of tired socially crusading left-wing pet causes rolled into one steaming pile of hairy lesbian armpit congealed fury. The photo tells us all we need to know about this caricature of a local grass-roots coastal California movement redolent of smug aspersions and conceits.

Most of all, “Kelly” needs to go under a psychiatric examination, because she is clearly mentally ill. She needs to be institutionalized. Anyone who would put on such a performance in a public place is undoubtedly insane.

We don’t have to tolerate this kind of behavior. We tolerate it because we’re being conditioned to. And the loons are winning.

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