The Greatest Commercial Of All Time? Yeah, I’d Say So

And look, I’m a rodent sayin’ this. The lawyers would call that an “admission against interest,” and you’re s’posed to believe it’s the truth when you hear sump’n like that.

Tomcat is a company that makes bait that kills rats. The whole point of the ads is that it kills so many of ’em that you gotta find somethin’ to do with all the four-legged stiffs. So the guess is this is the first installment of a whole buncha ads that are totally low-class but far too entertaining ever to want off the air.

And the guess is they’re all gonna revolve around “Dead Mouse Theater,” and be fulla comic-book violence. Like when Ufric The Dead Viking Mouse brains his old pal Agnar from summer camp with a mace while sacking his burg.

The pansies from PETA and the perpetually-outraged crowd are gonna hate this ad and demand it get banned. The guess here is that’s exactly what the Tomcat people want. They sell rat-killer, so havin’ their ad campaign go viral when the pansies get all sentimental about the vermin is gonna be the gift that keeps on givin’ for ’em.

You watch. This is gonna be a big freakin’ deal.



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