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She can’t win. It can’t happen. No way. None. Cassidy came within a handful of votes of out-polling Landrieu.” – Lincoln Parish News Online

To have any hope of victory, Landrieu needs a huge turnout from Louisiana’s population centers especially Orleans Parish, almost all of Rob Maness’s supporters (which is extremely unlikely), and a huge gaffe by Cassidy.” – ClickJefferson.com

I have all the advantages,” Edwards said, listing his age, health, experience and knowledge. About Congress, he said, “I know my way around. I’ve been there.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo, a Democrat, and Republican Ralph Abraham, a rural doctor who’s never held elected office, emerged from a crowded field Tuesday to grab the top two spots in the 5th Congressional District race and set up a runoff for the seat Dec. 6.” – Monroe News-Star

North Louisiana voters kissed U.S. Congressman Vance McAllister goodbye on Tuesday.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Now that Sen. Mary Landrieu and Rep. Bill Cassidy will officially face each other in a Dec. 6 runoff election, the question becomes: What adjustments do their campaigns need to make?” – NOLA.com

Amendment 1: Approved. Sets a minimum level for Medicaid patient reimbursements paid to nursing homes, pharmacies and institutions for the developmentally disabled. Cuts to payments face restrictions so they could be no worse than for other health care providers, and require the support of two-thirds of lawmakers.” – Lake Charles American Press

“One of the more surprising people to show up for former Gov. Edwin Edwards election night party Tuesday was Juror 68 from the federal trial that sent him to prison. Juror 68 , a man from Ascension Parish, figured prominently in Edwards’ lawyers unsuccessful appeal of the riverboat casino corruption conviction.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Mayor Kip Holden will reveal his proposed 2015 budget for the city-parish at a special meeting of the Metro Council this afternoon. But while city-parish revenues are expected to be up from last year, some major overhauls—including some long-awaited pay raises as well as funding for the East Baton Rouge Parish Redevelopment Authority—aren’t expected to be included.” – Baton Rouge Business Report

“This weekend is going to be the biggest weekend of football in Louisiana in 2014 as LSU hosts Alabama while the New Orleans Saints host the San Francisco 49ers. There are of course many differences between LSU and Saints fans but the one I find most interesting is the difference in how each fan base views their head coach.” – WWL-TV


“My hope is that Republicans reject this patent nonsense for the poppycock that it is. Not only should Republicans not work closely with Democrats, they should instead keep them as far away as possible, preferably across a large moat filled with sharp stakes, acid, and alligators. That way, our side will be safer from friendly fire when we launch the flaming tar at the remaining Democrats in office.” – Leon Wolf/RedState

“At Republicans headquarters in Washington, top strategists predicted days in advance that the GOP would win the Senate and gain House seats despite polls suggesting many races could go either way.” – Washington Examiner

“Consider this karma avoidance by the soon-to-be-ex-Senate Majority Leader, but Harry Reid’s new act won’t fool anyone, least of all Mitch McConnell. Reid has run the US Senate for the past eight years like a dictatorship, steadily eroding minority privileges to the point where Republicans couldn’t offer amendments or put up any significant resistance to Barack Obama’s radical appointments, unless Democrats forced Reid’s hand on either score. After watching his party lay a historic egg in the midterms — the size of which is still not yet fully known — Reid tried spinning the results as a mandate for the kind of compromise that he’s blocked ever since winning control of the upper chamber in 2006:” – Hot Air

President Obama has lost nearly 70 seats in the House since taking office and more seats in midterm elections than any president since Harry Truman.” – The Hill

Poor Barack Obama. For him, campaigning is ‘fun.’ But for the last few months, almost nobody has wanted to play with him.” – American Spectator

“Before Election Day, the GOP controlled 59 of 98 partisan legislative chambers across the country. On Tuesday, preliminary results showed Republicans had won control of both the Nevada Assembly and Senate, the Colorado Senate and state House chambers in Minnesota, New Mexico, Maine, West Virginia and New Hampshire. That would give the party control of 67 chambers, five more than their previous record in the modern era, set after special elections in 2011 and 2012.” – Washington Post

“Looks like Dan Sullivan from Alaska is going to end up being Republican senator number 53, with Bill Cassidy hopefully to follow as number 54 next month in Louisiana. Is Angus King number 55?” – Hot Air

“Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday said the ‘skunking’ of Democrats in the midterm elections has given Republicans an ‘incredible’ mandate to oppose President Obama.” – The Hill

Gird your loins, Beltway Republicans. Election Day is barely over, but the progressive Left is locked and loaded for battle over President Obama’s next U.S. attorney general.” – Michelle Malkin/National Review

“Mounting the stage last night at his victory rally in a large pavilion at Wisconsin’s State Fair Park, Gov. Scott Walker delivered a speech unlike any other he’s given in a moment of victory. References to Wisconsin were replaced by references to America, comments about state political foes were replaced by references to special interests in Washington, D.C. and aside from a couple of mentions of Wisconsin unity, much was said about the American dream and the national future.” – RedState



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