Low Popahirum, November 4, 2014


“A Republican-led Congress would attempt to dismantle Obamacare one provision at a time and would try to replace the law the same piecemeal way, using a collection of proposals for improving the nation’s health insurance system that have garnered at least some bipartisan support during the past four years.” – Washington Examiner

“The Department of Justice plans to send federal monitors to 18 states to watch for discrimination against voters.” – The Hill

“The Obama administration’s Syria strategy suffered a major setback Sunday after fighters linked to al-Qaeda routed U.S.-backed rebels from their main northern strongholds, capturing significant quantities of weaponry, triggering widespread defections and ending hopes that Washington will readily find Syrian partners in its war against the Islamic State.” – Washington Post

“Before the election results are in, and keeping in mind that there may be some unpleasant surprises for one party or the other — or both — it’s possible to assess how the Democratic Party has fared under the leadership of President Obama. To summarize the verdict: not so well.” – Michael Barone/Washington Examiner

“As a long campaign season draws to an end, Republicans are on the cusp of winning Senate control, while Democrats are girding for what could be a ‘bad, long night.’” – The Hill

One of the biggest voter frauds may be the idea promoted by Attorney General Eric Holder and others that there is no voter fraud, that laws requiring voters to have photo identification are just attempts to suppress black voting.” – Thomas Sowell/National Review

“In a nutshell, Sabato sees a GOP gain of 8 seats in the Senate and 9 in the House. Republicans would lose a net 3 governorships in his election scenario.” – American Thinker

“It’s amusing to note that Dunham, who can be seen dancing in her dingy underwear for a Rock the Vote video encouraging young people to vote (and vote liberal) in these midterms, didn’t vote in the last midterms. I guess she didn’t need the self-esteem boost then.” – Jonah Goldberg/Los Angeles Times

“The odds of Republicans winning a Senate majority are obviously getting very high. Indeed, it would be a real shocker if Democrats held the GOP to a net gain of five seats or less, preventing a takeover of the majority. Unresolved, however, remains the question of just how big a night Republicans will have, and in turn, how to best interpret the results. At this point, at least in the Senate, this election seems to be a whole lot about the map, with more than a little political environment, including President Obama’s current unpopularity, thrown in for good measure.” – Charlie Cook/National Journal

“Sharyl Attkisson is an investigative journalist who became the story when she quit CBS News after two decades amid allegations that the network refused to run some of her stories that were critical of President Barack Obama. Ahead of the Tuesday release of her book Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington, she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her struggles with CBS executives and her assertion that her computers were hacked, possibly by Obama operatives.” – Hollywood Reporter


“Elbert Guillory, a black Republican state legislator from Louisiana, has taken his show on the road.” – Scott McKay/American Spectator

“Tea party Senate candidate Rob Maness has found an issue he believes will resonate with Louisiana voters: a 30-acre, oil-burping sinkhole. During a debate with Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu on Tuesday, Maness was asked about a lawsuit over coastal erosion filed against 100 oil and gas companies last spring by a local flood protection board. For too long, the retired Air Force colonel warned, oil, gas, and chemical companies had had their way with Louisiana, with little government oversight and often at great cost to residents: ‘The families of Bayou Corne—it’s been over 600 days since they’ve been under evacuation.'” – Mother Jones

“Congressman Bill Cassidy spent Monday knocking on doors in the Baton Rouge subdivision where he grew up. Three-term U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu rallied union members in Baton Rouge and Rob Maness ate ice cream in north Louisiana.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“It’s hard to imagine a more meaningful Election Day for northeastern Louisiana voters, who could hold the balance of power in the U.S. Senate in their hands and will get to choose their representative in the U.S. House.” – Monroe News Star

“Overshadowed by a hotly contested statewide battle for the U.S. Senate and congressional races are 14 proposed changes to the state’s constitution on Tuesday’s ballot.” – Lake Charles American Press

“Federal lawyers filed a motion Monday (Nov. 3) to dismiss Gov. Bobby Jindal’s lawsuit attacking the U.S. Education Department over the Common Core academic standards.” – NOLA.com

“The embattled leader of the East Baton Rouge Parish Redevelopment Authority, who has been under fire in recent weeks because the agency he runs is out of money, tendered his resignation Monday morning.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Republican 5th Congressional District candidate Zach Dasher is leaning hard on his ‘Duck Dynasty’ connections to help push him over the finish line on Election Day.” – NOLA.com

Polls show a tight race, and Lee says whether or not there is a runoff could make a big impact on whether Landrieu can hold onto the seat.” – Fox 8 Live

“New federal guidelines for safeguarding against the Ebola virus are coming closer to what Louisiana has put into practice, the state’s medical director said Monday. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just recommended that health departments do in-person monitoring of people returning from Ebola-stricken West African countries, Dr. Jimmy Guidry said.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Many people, from their parents, were told, ‘Look, you’ve got to register Democrat.’ Even if you didn’t know what the heck you were doing, they would tell you if you’re going to participate in the process, you’ve got to be a Democrat,” said Secretary of State Tom Schedler, a Republican. “You couldn’t participate in the election, literally, unless you were a Democrat.” – NOLA.com



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