Low Popahirum, November 3, 2014


Edwin Edwards isn’t buying into Sen. Mary Landrieu’s comments that President Obama struggles in the South because of his race.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“A NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune analysis of consulting and other spending in the Sixth Congressional District race from April 1 to mid-October show that while some candidates in the race relied nearly exclusively on their staff to campaign, some of the better-funded candidates entrusted their donations to consultants both in Louisiana and across the country.” – NOLA.com

“In complaining about some innocuous postcards, Secretary of State Tom Schedler has created a Seinfeldian kerfuffle: a controversy about nothing.” – Quin Hillyer/Baton Rouge Advocate

“U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy told the media that he was taking his U.S. Senate campaign to a church event in Lafayette on Sunday but apparently forgot to ask the pastor about it.” – Monroe News Star

“Business magazine Site Selection has ranked Louisiana’s business climate as the second-best in the nation.” – NOLA.com

Less than half of Louisiana’s voucher students scored at grade level or above on key tests during the 2013-14 school year, the state Department of Education announced Monday morning.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“The Northshore Tea Party and national conservative activist Ben Carson held a rally for Rep. Bill Cassidy in St. Tammany Parish Saturday (Nov. 1), an event that signaled conservative support for Cassidy in a field that includes other candidates considered more to his right.” – NOLA.com

“I think it is Glenn Reynolds who may have first come up with the slogan that the Democratic Party is nowadays a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party, which is fitting for their candidate for Louisiana’s 6th House district: Edwin Edwards!” – Power Line

“Superstar Taylor Swift is returning to Bayou Country Superfest at LSU’s Tiger Stadium on May 22. Officials announced the news Monday morning. Full lineup announcements will be made Wednesday.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“New Orleans police have arrested a man they say was armed with a knife when he attacked a student walking home from a local bar Uptown.” – WWL-TV


“The costliest midterm election in history draws to a bitter close with control of the Senate tilting toward Republicans even as governors, in red and blue states alike, face a well of anti-incumbent anger from New England to the Rocky Mountains.” – Los Angeles Times

“Ben Rhodes earnestly says that detente with Iran is to Obama’s second term what ‘health care’ was to the first. His defining issue, the one that will define his place in the history books. Rhodes doesn’t put it as explicitly as I will, but it’s pretty clear that Obama wants his Nixon-to-China Moment: Air Force One carrying him to Tehran for the historic handshake or hug with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.” – Michael Ledeen/PJ Media

“It looks as if Harry Reid is at high risk of losing any Senate leadership role after Tuesday’s election.” – John Fund/National Review

“However, while Democrats have been running scared from being seen in public with President Obama, other prominent Democrats have attempted to step into the fundraising and star-power void left behind by a toxic incumbent, and none have been more notable or prominent than the Clintons. Hillary Clinton in particular has been hitting the stump hard as she attempts to earn herself chits to fend off any possible 2016 primary challenge. The Washington Post notes that she has headlined at least 45 prominent events over the last 54 days in support of Democrat candidates.” – RedState

“Thus is the bar for Democratic tantrums over the impending GOP wave raised.” – Hot Air

“As the 2014 House election enters its final hours, this much is certain: Republicans will retain control of the chamber, and perhaps win their largest majority since the 1940s.” – POLITICO

“What would happen if you ignored multiple requests from your employer to stop wasting time on your pet project and instead concentrate on a higher priority task? You would be fired, of course. There are six U.S. Senators up for reelection tomorrow who richly deserve to lose their jobs for that very offense. Throughout 2009 and early 2010 they refused to listen when their employers — the voters — demanded that they stop meddling in health care and focus on the economy. With the voices of protest reverberating in their ears, these cynical pols voted to foist Obamacare on an unwilling electorate.” – David Catron/American Spectator

“You want to know how desperate Democrats are in Colorado? Check out NARAL’s #SweetPea ad against Cory Gardner who has been crushing Mark Uterus Udall in every poll since September. When the make ads like this, you know they are beaten. Check out the pitiful NARAL ad video:” – Fire Andrea Mitchell

“Right now, Planned Parenthood is selling a special t-shirt ‘designed by author, actor, director, producer’ Lena Dunham in support of the electoral and political arm of country’s largest abortion provider. They are very excited about this. Here’s the “action boutique” where you can grab your own t-shirt and here’s a tweet marketing the same:” – Mollie Hemingway/The Federalist

Cosmopolitan magazine has launched ‘#CosmoVotes,’ a campaign that endorses liberal candidates and then pushes women to vote for them.” – National Review



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