MANESS: I Fully Support Cassidy For Senate

Editor’s Note: What follows is a transcript of Rob Maness’ prepared remarks endorsing Bill Cassidy for the Senate in the runoff against Mary Landrieu. Maness spoke earlier today at the Republican Unity Rally at Huey’s Bar in downtown Baton Rouge, kicking off the Cassidy campaign’s runoff effort. Also speaking were U.S. Sens. David Vitter and Rand Paul, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry and state Sen. Elbert Guillory.

Senator Paul…. Welcome to Louisiana!!!  You’re in Tiger territory!  The Sportsman’s Paradise!  The Pelican State!

You’re in the home of Swamp People and Duck Commander, the birthplace of Jazz…..

We’re annually ranked the most pro-life state in America… We cling to our guns and religion….

We love our crawfish, our gators, our music and we will find any reason for a festival or a parade….

……And in 26 days, Mary Landrieu is going to have a lot more free time to enjoy all of it!

Let me be clear here and now – Dr. Bill Cassidy has my full support and more importantly my vote on December 6th.  After 85,000 miles we got my truck the tune up it needed, and we will hit the road hard for Dr. Cassidy these next 26 days to make sure we finally bring Mary Landrieu home.

Conservatives across our country and here in Louisiana are rallying behind Dr. Cassidy. Louisianans Woody Jenkins and Tony Perkins, Senator Ted Cruz. I’m pleased to say that Governor Palin has let me know she will join us this Saturday in Louisiana to help elect Bill Cassidy. Senator Paul your leadership to unify the GOP in 2014 have made us stronger as a party and helped us win last week – thank you for being here today.

I want to take a minute to speak directly to the more than 200,000 Louisianans who honored me with your vote.   Thank you.  I am humbled by the gift of your most sacred right: your votes.  Bill Cassidy has assured me he is going to work hard to earn your votes. I encourage you to meet him, listen to him, study the stark policy differences between Dr. Cassidy and Sen. Landrieu.  In the end, I’m confident you will see as I do that he is a man of faith, who loves our country and loves Louisiana.  Anything other than a vote for Dr. Bill Cassidy is a victory for Barack Obama and that my friends is not an option.

Now as some of you may have heard from the media, I’m new to politics. Some of the things political folks do are just plain odd to the rest of us. Take for example Senator Landrieu’s newest ad. She tries to twist and turn Dr. Cassidy’s words in order to portray him as her team spins it as “odd.” Senator… that dog won’t hunt with the rest of us.

  • You see what we find truly odd is that you’ve fought harder for Washington, DC than you have for Washington Parish.
  • What we find odd is you spend our tax dollars on private jets to get from New Orleans to Lake Charles.
  • What we find odd is that fact you claim to still live on your Mom & Dad’s couch.
  • What we find REALLY ODD is that anyone would vote with Barack Obama 9% of the time let alone 97% of the time.
  • What we find the oddest Senator Landrieu is that you are still our Senator… and we’re going to fix that on December 6th!

Louisiana’s unique electoral system is the freest in the world and it assures that our elected officials are chosen by a majority of voters.  I encourage everyone to get out and vote – staying at home should not be an option, no matter how good the hunting or how much tailgating prep we may have.  Too many of America’s most valuable possession – our men and women in uniform – have given their lives fighting to protect our right to vote.  Three of our sons are fighting for that right in uniform right now. Having served in countries where the people do not have the right to select their leaders, I can tell you that America is the envy of the world – don’t take your right to vote for granted – get out and exercise it!  And don’t think the progressive left doesn’t plan to fight for this seat.  After dinner with Bill on Friday night  in New Orleans, I saw some Democratic door-knockers working hard in St. Louis Cemetery!  They don’t plan to leave any vote – or grave – unturned.

Speaking of that dinner, Bill, Laura, my wife Candy and I had a great double date at the College Inn in New Orleans.  We chowed down on seafood gumbo, shrimp ‘n’ grits and some award winning Fried Bread Pudding Po Boys – a meal that would have brought tears to Michelle Obama’s eyes!  Over dinner, we discussed our faith, our families, our love for our country and for Louisiana.  I told Bill that our family prayed for him every night of this campaign, and will continue to do so going forward.

As parents of special needs children still at home, we discussed our mutual opposition to the “one-size-fits-all” federal approach to education called Common Core.  We know first hand – education decisions belong in the hands of parents, not bureaucrats.

We also discussed Sen. Paul’s REDEEM Act.  Sadly, Louisiana leads the nation with the highest incarceration rate, disproportionately affecting black citizens. Sen. Paul’s legislation would give youthful and non-violent offenders a second shot at the American Dream.  Conservatives and Christians should “STAND WITH RAND” on the Redeem Act so we can reduce unemployment, grow our economy, reduce crime, improve education and preserve LIFE.  Thank you Senator Paul for your leadership on this issue and Congressman Cassidy for hearing me out!

I also encouraged Bill to take a look at our Contract With Louisiana, designed to keep our elected officials more accountable and accessible to those they represent. Although I have to say, after hearing tales of how Dr. Cassidy used to sleep in his Congressional office, we’ll understand if doesn’t pop his office doors off their hinges!

These ideas that Bill and I discussed — the #SolutionsForUs that our campaign proposed — are American ideas, not partisan ideas, not red state ideas or blue state ideas.

Yes, there are areas where the good Doctor and I disagree.  However I am confident that as our Senator, Bill Cassidy will represent our values far better than Sen. Landrieu ever has or ever will. He has pledged to be open and accessible as he considers important issues on behalf of Louisiana.  After all, as they say – we know where you live… and unlike Senator Landrieu, it’s not Washington, DC!

Friends, my belief in our country has never been stronger.  America is the last best hope on earth.

Whenever I returned from missions overseas, I would always try to fly past the Statue of Liberty – an inspiration for the world over, but a sign for me that I was finally home – not just geographically, but philosophically – no other nation fosters liberty as we do.

And when I would continue over thefruited plains and see our purple mountains’ majesty, there would be no red states or blue states, just the United States… a nation below of the people – of us; our nation; who all just want a better life for our children and grandchildren marked by liberty, prosperity and certainty.

We can, and will do it, if WE THE PEOPLE of Louisiana stand up to President Obama and the destructive progressive agenda and say NO MORE.  We can do it if we GET OUT AND VOTE for Dr. Bill Cassidy on December 6th.

I love God, I love Louisiana, I love you and May God Bless America.

Please welcome our next United States Senator, Dr. Bill Cassidy.

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