OBAMACARE HAVOC: EBR Schools Struggle to Implement Employer Mandate

As if Obamacare was not a problem enough for small businesses and individuals who have had their previous plans dropped because of the healthcare overhaul, but now school systems are struggling to implement the initiative without being fined by the federal government.

In a report today by the Advocate, Obamacare is wreaking “havoc” on the East Baton Rouge School System, as it struggles to figure out how to hire substitute teachers without them working more than 29 hours, in order to avoid Obamacare penalties.

Board member Mary Lynch said the 29-hour-a-week cap is causing havoc at schools on Thursdays and Fridays after substitute teachers have reached their limit.

“You use a sub for the first 3½ days of the week, and then you can’t find someone to cover those classrooms,” Lynch said.

Under Obamacare, school districts would have to pay $2,000 per substitute teachers if they violate the law which mandates that any school employee working more than 29 hours a week be provided with healthcare.

Obamacare has not been a popular issue for Democrats to run on this election cycle. For Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) who is in a run-off with Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), running from Obamacare has been an essential part of her campaign.

In total, 29 US Senators who once supported Obamacare, are no longer in office. The Washington Examiner broke them down for us here:

Lost and replaced by a Republican:

Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska — lost to Dan Sullivan, R

Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark. — lost to Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo. — lost to Rep. Cory Gardner, R- Colo.

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C. — lost to Thom Tillis, R

Russ Feingold, D-Wis.

Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark.

Arlen Specter, D-Penn.

Left Senate and replaced by a Republican:

Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V.

Max Baucus, D-Mont.

Tim Johnson, D-S.D.

Tom Harkin, D-Iowa

Ben Nelson, D-Neb.

Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.

Evan Bayh, D-Ind.

Roland Burris, D-Ill.

Left Senate and replaced by a Democrat:

Jim Webb, D-Va.

Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.

Herb Kohl, D-Wis.

Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii

Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M.

Chris Dodd, D-Conn.

Paul Kirk, D-Mass. (appointed to replace Ted Kennedy — seat later held by Republican Scott Brown)

John Kerry, D-Mass.

Ted Kauffman, D-Del.

Kent Conrad, D-N.D.

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich.

Died in office:

Robert Byrd, D-W.V

Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii

Frank Lautenberg, D- N.J

Vulnerable pro-Obamacare Democrats still at risk in 2014:

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

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