Rand Paul Is Now Trolling Hillary Clinton

With Scott Walker winning re-election in Wisconsin last night, it becomes almost a given that he’s the GOP’s best 2016 candidate. After all, Walker is a successful, highly conservative governor of a blue state who has won election with advancing margins no less than three times in four years. Walker is virtually everything the Republican Party is looking for to present a contrast to what is now unquestionably the abject failure of the Obama years under Democrat control.

That having been said, Rand Paul isn’t going to go away as a 2016 hopeful. Not when there’s so much fun to be had along the way.

Paul put something delicious on his Facebook page this morning – a photo album entitled #Hillaryslosers. It’s a reference to all the Democrats that Hillary Clinton, her party’s putative nominee, could not help in this year’s election cycle…

That’s Bruce Braley, who was beaten 52-44 in Iowa by Joni Ernst.

And there’s Michelle Nunn, who was walloped 53-45 by David Perdue in Georgia.

Here we see Kay Hagan, who took a 49-47 loss at Thom Tillis’ hands in North Carolina.

And here’s Mark Udall, who earned the nickname Mark Uterus on his way to a 50-45 loss to Cory Gardner in Colorado.

Let’s not forget Allison Lundergan Grimes, who took a Kentucky-fried 55-41 stomping from Mitch McConnell.

And finally, there’s Mark Pryor, who was blown out 57-40 in Hillary’s supposed home state of Arkansas.

Paul’s point is that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the strength with real voters the media says she does. She couldn’t help stave off the electoral destruction of the Democrats in the Senate, and she’s no particular juggernaut in 2016.

She can be beaten, and badly.

Obviously, he thinks he can do it. What’s more to the point is that there are several Republicans who can. And the time for Americans not of the Left to be scared of Democrats and the Clintons is past. The country is NOT lost. And the fight to save it has only just begun.

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