SARGE: Arthurian Gusto

Years ago I addressed a popular politician conducting a Town Hall Meeting in my community. I took my son to introduce him to the type of small-town political action was famous in my New England village. We met at the Town Hall and regularly questioned, addressed and let our positions be known concerning the conduct of government. It was quaint and the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting. That image is powerful in its silent statement it’s the right of the people to have their voices heard, understood and respected by their representatives.

Our names were vetted and we waited to see if our Senator would allow us the “privilege” of addressing him and subjects concerning us. I was allowed to speak.

The conversation started with me addressing my personal disagreement with the fact our representatives were running roughshod over us as citizens and voters but also as their bosses; those people who footed the bill for their lavish lifestyles and habits of congregation they believed placed them above and beyond us. I was tired of the fact government was removed from the hands and control of the people by the representatives unilaterally using diverse acts of disloyalty toward the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They used their political privilege to advance, through legislation, their positions serving no purpose other than to enrich themselves. They’ve used the legislative process to ensure they can’t be distanced from the power they selfishly crave. I said they were hired hands and needed to remember their place.

And I said so.

The good senator was advised to remove himself from the meeting when it was done and go back to Washington to tell his colleagues of what I, and I believed many in the room, felt at the time. I thought I’d found an ally and a man who possessed the integrity to conduct MY business in the nation’s capitol.

Now I know I was wrong. My desired “champion” seems to have no more integrity than those he alleged he was different from. He stands for those things he strategically  believes his voter base will be disposed to accept and validate his personal political gains. This is a major problem because he’s now flip-flopped on an issue of major importance to our children in our schools.

His children are schooled in private schools chosen for the prestige and curriculum he espouses is good as opposed to the Common Core claptrap he supports for us. We’re supposed to accept Common Core without question simply because his kids deserve the best and our kids can have what he paternally believes is all our kids need. His schools reflect his values. We aren’t allowed schools reflecting our values. Only those values of the United Nations Agenda 21 need be applied for the people. The people’s values have no position in his thinking because there’s no real, hard money available for his coffers. That available money leads to power and power is the grail politicians seek with Arthurian gusto.

We’re at a crossroads. We can stand tall and decide the path we’ll follow based on what we know is right and just for the people or, we can keep accepting the scraps dropped us by the people feasting at the table. This never allows us to see where we can be because we never leave the table to see what other bounty can be enjoyed by taking the road now less traveled.

We’re being betrayed by our legislators having a personal stake in the way government stands superior to us and is willing to use force to intimidate us and hold us in its sway. We have become what Americans were before 1776. We’re a nation held down by a government believing in its superiority based on the wealth and position of those in power.

At least George III thought his right was God-given. Politicians are no more than posturing prigs using language to turn the Constitution and Bill of Rights against us to control more and more; as Fundamentalist Islam is using the Constitution and Bill of Rights to tear America apart from within.

Think about it.

Thanks for listening.



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