SARGE: Plot Your Own Course

“The comments in the video were made at an academic conference,” Jonathan Gruber said Tuesday on MSNBC. “I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments.”

In the latest effort to assure the American people know and understand just how much Obama and his crew thinks of us as citizens, the walking Herpes Spore, Jonathan Gruber, grand architect and socio/political constructionist has again, stepped in a pile of Obama and raised a stink he can’t cover. The guy is truly the gift that keeps on giving. He’s said it at least twice in separate instances. So many people want him to shut-up and go away (all of them liberal bootlickers on Obama’s payroll) while I just can’t wait to see what else Obama and his crew think of us. The Democratic Party is nothing if not fully engaged with the people they find easiest to hoodwink when it proves necessary.

This tagline: “Promise her anythingbut give her Arpege” was the sultry slogan for Lanvin’s fragrance. It’s morphed into; “Promise them anything but give them only what you want”. In other words deliver only what you can masque as a fragrant social advancement when it really carries the stench of cynical opportunism. Do this in hope of getting what you want later in the evening. And it’s worked: the American people have been screwed by the entire disgusting, contemptuous, derisive actions of the Obama administration.

Yesterday we said there was no way Obama could walk this back. His liberal press flacks like Alan Colmes of FOX NEWS, have stammered their way into immortality copied to thumb drives around the world. There is NO justification for a person so intimately involved in the development of government policy and its ability to MANDATE participation in a program only 20+% of the American people agree with.

But, Jonathan Gruber hasn’t said he was sorry for believing what he said. He only said he was sorry he said it. That (of course) means he sincerely believes what he said; he just wishes he’d not said it where it could be recorded for all posterity. He regrets he’ll not get another chance to represent his ideas in public where he’ll get credit for their development and he’ll gain stature in the party. His position in academia has been compromised because he chose to elevate himself in a momentary state of self-consumption rather than keep his stupid mouth shut and go with the flow.

But no matter the newsreader, no matter the Kool Aid ® drinking, artificial sweetener intoxicated street slug sucking up welfare and feeding off of the labors of the middle-class can hide the fact an Obama insider spoke the truth and that particular truth will NEVER go away. To say Obama picked some lulus to represent his goals and push them downward into the throats of the American people; he’s also employed some stellar proctologic specialists to evacuate the worst government administration known since U.S. Grant. It’s dropped to the floor to sit like the septic deposit it is. It stinks.

That statement’s gross but so are the performance values of this president and his legislative thugs and apologists looking to justify whatever act of ignominy it chooses to commit against the honor and value of the American system of government. Gruber pulled back the curtain concealing the Democratic Party’s real thoughts about their constituents. We MUST accept what we’ve seen with our “own lying eyes” rather than accept what this statement looks like after it gyroscopically spins with a power-push of Democratic Party operatives.

Obama’s in China capitulating to his own energy politics and surrendering to goals and values few people in America share. But he keeps on believing he was chosen by God to lead us to the Promised Land. It’s got to be remembered that Moses was lost in the wilderness for decades before the people finally arrived.

Obama holds the roadmap. Will we be smart enough to pull out the GPS and find the right route for this nation to follow? Get involved and plot your own course.

Don’t blindly follow a leader blinded by his own supposed brilliance. You now know the truth.

Thanks for listening.

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