Can We Have Some Police Brutality Here?

From Seattle yesterday comes this little nugget. Watch it, and then ask yourself if you’re with me on wanting to see the black cop give the little hippy what-for with his night-stick…

Can I make a suggestion that the cops crack heads on every single white moron out rioting over Ferguson? If we’re gonna be all about fighting racism, and all, and we don’t want to see cops “mistreatin'” and “disrespectin'” poor black kids regardless of how much crime the poor black kids are responsible for and regardless of the fact the victims of all that crime are mostly black…if we can’t do anything about those people riotin’ in the streets, then let’s just start with the lil’ communists in the Guy Fawkes masks.

Who’d really be upset if those idiots took a poundin’? The bet here is the black Ferguson rioter clowns would prolly laugh their thug heads off.

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