Did Y’all See The Megyn Kelly Beatdown-Of-Al-Green Video?

Naw, not that Al Green. This dude’s a congresscritter from Houston. Naw, naw, not the fat dunce lady congresscritter from Houston who thinks South Vietnam is still around and that we landed people on Mars, this is a different one.

You never heard of this Al Green before, huh? Well, that’s because they keep him quiet. But this week he picked his head up outta the weeds and went on the House floor makin’ that stupid Hands Up, Don’t Shoot gesture. So Fox News put him on the set with Megyn Kelly, and…well, let’s just say he ain’t on a level where he’s gonna do well gettin’ grilled by Megyn Kelly.

Maybe the most significant thing about this guy Green is you could blindfold him with dental floss. Maybe they got bright lights in his face and he’s not fresh from the men’s room playin’ Cheech and Chong. I dunno.

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