Low Popahirum, December 11, 2014


“The magic of the CRomnibus is, that while it generally sucks all around, the only person who can shut the government down at this point is Barack Obama.” – American Spectator

“The federal government’s funding authorization expires tonight at midnight, and the Republican plan to renew it bodes poorly for the GOP’s leadership of Congress next year.” – National Review

“Most of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Caucus has united against the so-called ‘cromnibus,’ which may force House Republican leaders to consider a smaller, pared-back spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.” – POLITICO

“The release of a Senate report on Bush-era interrogation policies could have prompted an informed, responsible debate over intelligence and the war on terror. But not the report that saw the light of day Tuesday.” – John Yoo/NY Daily News

“On Wednesday evening, in the very hall where the University of California at Berkeley had just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, demonstrators shut down a speech by billionaire tech guru–and noted libertarian–Peter Thiel.” – Breitbart 

I don’t want anybody to get shot by the police, but it’s probably truthful to say that 99% of the people who do, whether they’re black, white, green, or purple, could have avoided it if they had behaved responsibly when they were confronted by the police.” – John Hawkins/Townhall

“Minimum wage hikes hurt the people that politicians claim to help, according to a new study.” – Washington Free Beacon

“A new poll released today by the Pew Research Center confirms similar findings from other recent polls that the popularity of gun rights is on the rise.” – The Federalist

“And that’s how Ben Edelman became The Most Hated Man In The World.” – Hot Air

“Greenpeace said Wednesday that its executive director will travel to Peru to personally apologize for the environmental group’s stunt at the world-famous Nazca lines, which Peruvian authorities say harmed the archaeological marvel.” – The Blaze


“Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) described the CR/omnibus hybrid pushed by GOP leadership as ‘a disgrace‘ that ‘gives up all the priorities to the Democrats for the next year’ on Wednesday’s ‘Laura Ingraham Show.'” – Breitbart

“‘Oh Lord, no,’ Landrieu, 59, told reporters when asked if another campaign, perhaps for governor in 2015 or the Senate in 2016, was in her future.” – NOLA.com

“I’m a salesman. I’m a promoter, an advocate and cheerleader who has led Louisiana’s most populous parish, and look what we have done together,” Holden told a crowd of supporters. “I want to lift up every corner of the state. In Louisiana, tomorrow will be great.” – New Orleans Advocate

“Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who will take over as Senate majority leader in the next Congress, welcomed Sen.-elect Bill Cassidy of Louisiana to the chamber on Wednesday, weeks after promising Cassidy a seat on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.” – Shreveport Times

“For $3 per car, anyone but Scrooge may take a night-time ride around Lafreniere Park to see a sprawling display of winter holiday lights. It’s long been a gift of sorts from Jefferson Parish, enhanced in recent years by the addition of even more lights from the home of the late Al Copeland.” – NOLA.com

“Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration has started sifting through agency budget proposals as it works on a plan to close next year’s $1.4 billion shortfall. But Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols says the hole isn’t quite as large as it appears.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“If you’re still considering what to get your children for Christmas this year, one local lawmaker warns not to buy toy guns that look like the real thing. Rep. Austin Badon’s warning comes after an Ohio boy was killed last month carrying a fake gun that police believed was real.” – Fox 8 Live

“Citing health reasons, Alexandria state Rep. Herbert Dixon, who chairs the Louisiana House Labor committee, resigned. Dixon has been undergoing chemotherapy at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

Baton Rouge is home to a large a number of Millennials who are able to afford their homes, making the Louisiana capital an ‘outlier’ among U.S. cities, the Washington Post reports. Relying on data from Trulia, the report highlights the tendency among Millennials to live in cities where they cannot afford to buy homes.” – NOLA.com

“Papi’s co-owner Adrian Martinez told the Business Report that he does not believe the restaurant is legally obligated to pay BMI. He believes the local bands who play a mix of original and cover songs, should be responsible for paying the licensing fees.” – WAFB



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