SARGE: Another Meat Grinder

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and I’ve got nothing. No Hope. No real Change and no expectation of having any profit for all we’ve been through since Obama was re-elected. Old Man 2014 is set to walk out the door toward the setting of his personal sun and the Infant 2015 is about to soil a new diaper while Obama and a Progressive Republican Party indicate it’s going to be business as usual.

Obama has initiated my compulsion for revulsion as he promises he’ll veto any and all legislation he doesn’t like because he understands cooperation can only be understood if explained as capitulation to his socialist demands. Because we didn’t vote him out the stench still wafts away from his diseased administration as he rots out from the inside.

Vladimir Putin is still a psycho and a warmonger looking to set the world on fire if he can’t have his old Soviet Union reestablished. His clone Kim Jong Un is still more of aa dilettante puppet of whomever supports him this week than displaying any kind of understanding of politic in the real world. He may have actually found a way to wage war without actually risking getting his ass hung when he blows the operation.

ISIS/ISIL is continuing with its bloodletting executed against the weak and innocent in the name of a whack-job, pedophile, false prophet of “the one true god”. The leadership of this blood-thirsty mob proclaims they’ll be in America soon and it looks like Obama has agreed by favoring anything and anybody speaks well of the “religion of peace” and appointing Muslim Brotherhood members to leadership roles in sub-cabinet positions.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton (the de-facto leader of violent rhetoric race baiters) and DeBlasio have created a condition of hatred and distrust of police in America. Their rhetoric and inflammatory screaming has already resulted in the homicides and attempted homicides of numerous police officers. Officers are rightfully on edge and ready to respond to any perceived threat with the force of arms necessary to survive. DeBlasio hasn’t seen a cop’s face for over a week and he wouldn’t recognize a real hero if he spit on his shoe. If ignorance is bliss DeBlasio must be outright euphoric.

Europe is still reeling from his overall experimentation with mass Socialism. Governments approach bankruptcy as they refuse to recognize Margaret Thatcher’s observation that: “the bad thing about Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”. Obama hasn’t learned this lesson either having given away the farm to ensure the uninsured 1% of the country draws sufficient coverage for bad choices by draining the pocket-books of those “other people” Thatcher spoke of so eloquently.

Obama has opened the door to communication with Cuba in hopes of change. Raul Castro immediately slammed that door shut and said Communism will continue to direct their national and foreign policy. But Castro would like to parade through the street in a new Caddy. The 1958 version’s upholstery is getting a little shabby and the chrome is rusting: badly (much like the Cuban hierarchy). So, I guess the idea of not voting the Castros out could lead to a positive of them rotting out from the inside as well.

The United States Congress will take a turn from being run by incompetent, mean spirited, venal and vicious Democrats to being run by stupid, inconsequential, nutless, and gutless Progressive Republicans led by antiquity’s McConnell, Graham and McCain in the Senate and the no less ignorant, cowardly, morally destitute John Boehner, his pet Rhesus Monkey Kevin McCarthy and the foolish whip without a cracker Steve Scalise who didn’t vet the groups he appeared before in 2002. The thrill running up my leg has yet to present itself when I look at this Field of Weeds.

So, as I look at Old Man 2014 I see he’s a supporter of Wounded Warriors. He’s battle scarred, worn from fighting to survive and fighting daily to get to a point of normalcy, a term I can’t define because nobody really knows what’s “normal”.  He’s looking at the animated antics of Baby 2015 and understanding that for all of the hope for change the idea that “yes we can” and all of the other clichés indicating the optimism of youth and the drive to succeed; the kid’s going to walk happy and smiling into a meat-grinder prepared to shred him.

But you just can’t tell some people anything.

Thanks for listening



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