SARGE: Doing No Real Good

The Democrats have slipped another shiny object into the mix for the Republicans and the Press to fixate on. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), Chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has exposed to the world the inner workings of the CIA as it pertains to their alleged use of torture in gaining intelligence after 9/11. This in itself is an example of the Democrats’ cynicism because, with only a month until the turn-over of the reins of government to the Republican Party, Feinstein feels the need to neuter a government agency ticked her off by hacking her computer systems against the law. This issuance of the report should have been in private or had names redacted and identities of foreign operatives shielded to ensure their safety. It’s blown apart the trust and faith our individual covert, allies had we’d keep their identities secret to prevent their deaths; NOT Senatorial sanctions, but the death of their families and them personally.

But let’s face facts. This issuance is trying to redirect the media’s gaze from Benghazi, Grubergate, ObamaCare and a plethora of other nasty little politically intriguing sub-committee hearings and investigations into the actions of the Obama administration. It appears the American public, in spite of Jonathon Gruber’s assertion we’re all stupid, won’t accept this anymore.

All of this remains as concentric rings displayed as a bulls-eye on the Democrats’ backs.

But, in deference to the possibility this is really all so damned confusing, it has to be said CIA abuses of the Senator’s committee computer files must not be allowed. We must look at a community tasked with intelligence gathering and thus, the safety of the American people and secretly control its direction. In doing this we have to question why the Intelligence community finds it necessary to intrude into the records and communications of the oversight committee allegedly controls their actions and their funding.

To do that is bureaucratically suicidal. If you threaten a person with a bigger set of cojones than you, you’re going to get your head handed to you. Feinstein has shown she’s got a bigger set than John Brennan. The problem is John Brennan is a transient actor; a John Wilkes Boothe stalking the pre-Civil War stages of the frontier before his notoriety as Lincoln’s assassin. But, as with Boothe, the everlasting effects of Brennan’s and his colleagues’ actions will reverberate through history and extend into the future conduct of their clandestine business.

I can’t judge the impact of the alleged torture of these Jihadist Terrorists and the granting of American Civil Rights during interrogation. They planned and executed attacks against the American people. They declared Jihad, a campaign waged by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations, or countries regarded as hostile to Islam, against us. They executed their acts of war against us with a savagery killing innocents with impunity and without mercy. Now the bleeding hearts in Congress and abroad are whining about the savagery of our response and the immorality of our interrogation of known mass murderers and combatant provocateurs.

Feinstein says the use of water-boarding did nothing and served no purpose in developing leads in the pursuit of these animals. Then how does she explain the development of intelligence leading to Osama bin Laden being taken down? How does she explain the capture, control and imprisonment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? This information came from the Tooth Fairy? Or did it come from people who are willing to do the nasty, tough and violently necessary actions to protect America?

If water boarding brought us the aforementioned criminals to justice then I say go for it. And start on finding the Caliph of ISIS/ISIL; Abu Bake a Camel-Cookie. Let’s find him and float his boogers for a while in memory of all those children, women and innocents his hyenas heartlessly murdered.

War is a merciless enterprise enacted and promoted by politicians, fought by professionals who’ve suffered the ignominy of combative attacks and suffered by the innocents caught in the neutral ground as warring factions fire through the innocents’ ranks seeking escape. Nitwits like Feinstein seeking to conduct a misdirection of media attention purely for retribution against those insulted her privacy need not try to conceal the fact it’s they who allowed the Intelligence community of at least 18 different organizations tasked with Intelligence gathering in America to escape control.

Feinstein pulled the curtain open with a partisan flourish exposing the inner workings of the CIA and with no more justification than the pique she feels for being abused by those she defended before this. Unfortunately, the transient elements, the Directors of the CIA, the NSA, the DIA and others who’ve outright lied to Congress and the American people, deserve to be sanctioned, unemployed and tried for their lies to their overseers, will escape justice. They’ll retire, write memoirs and make millions.

But, you might consider trying and convicting Feinstein for giving aid and comfort to the enemy after all of this. You simply don’t “out” your intelligence sources and sign their death warrants with the act. It’s idiotic and criminal in fact.

She surely hasn’t done America any real good in what she’s done in the way and manner she’s done it.

Thanks for listening.



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