SARGE: Eagles, Or Buzzards?

I went dark years ago. Going dark means a couple of different things. Some denote a lack of presence; others denote a sense of depression. In my case I simply decided to not get involved with a bunch of hackneyed and clichéd, moronic promises from politicians expecting us to believe every bit of manure they shovel in our direction doesn’t stink and we have to appreciate the fact they’ll produce roses where cactus thrives.

Mary Landrieu lost her position Gruber’s assessment of the American vo0ting public is true.  in the Senate to Bill Cassidy. There’s a certain aspect of personal pleasure in the fact another Progressive political “femme de nuit” has been driven from the inner sanctum of the brothel Washington D.C. has become and will remain. I have no respect for those who tell me they’ll be better than the last batch of dung slung at us in an attempt to prove Jonathan Gruber isn’t a symptom of the problem in Congress’ relationship with us.

Politics today is a mish-mash of Progressive ideals. Progressivism is defined by the Heritage Foundation as: “The Progressives were reformers in the late 19th and early 20th century who believed that in order to address modern problems, America needed to abandon the old ideas of the Founding in favor of a new expansive conception of the role of government. Progressives paved the way for modern liberalism and politics, and their core ideas are still the mainstay of today’s liberalism.

Some Progressives were prominent journalists such as Herbert Croly (co-founder of The New Republic), some were distinguished professors such as John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson (president of Princeton before he was President of the U.S.), and many were political leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Robert La Follette. Progressives could be found in both political parties: Wilson was a Democrat, Roosevelt was a Republican.

The Progressives were united in their contempt for what they called the “individualism” of the Founding. Instead of a government that protects natural rights through limited, decentralized powers, they envisioned an expansive government, a “living” and evolving Constitution, and the rule of “experts” in nationally centralized administrative agencies.

The key element of this statement as definition is in: “Progressives could be found in both political parties: Wilson was a Democrat, Roosevelt (Theodore) was a Republican.” While it’s framed in the past tense, it’s obvious Progressives still direct both parties. The only difference to be noted is Democrats want to change America to the epitome of their delight by “re-distributing” everybody else’s wealth while ensuring theirs doesn’t get touched and they want to do it NOW!. Republicans are stealthier in the realization of their goals. They’re willing to accept the Democrats goals but take more time to get the job done. This would allow so the American public doesn’t fight an apparent robbery when it can be better done as pocket picking.

As Americans, we are regularly promised the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. This was until Obama and his stooges in the Congress basically disbanded NASA, the entity tasked with space exploration. It’s with the power of a pen stroked over expensive stationary, the will and wishes of the American people can be bypassed. It’s done with promises it will be temporary and the understanding temporary governmental acts, policies and procedures will be permanent if they can keep the public distracted from the memory of what they did last week.

Obama and his gang are noted for this by following the chaos theory through to its logical ending: wide-spread chaos and the need for the Central Government to take control forcefully rather than conscientiously.

Bill Cassidy won election to the Senate. That firmly places the government under the Republican wing. But is that the wing of the American Bald Eagle indicating the majestic depth and breadth of citizen control over government? Or is a Turkey Buzzard soaring in circles, wings outstretched in a regal display of over-arching masquerade ready to pick the American people’s bones clean when the body finally, from exhaustion ceases movement?

I don’t need to answer that question. Boehner’s already circling the subject of “Immigration Reform”.

Thanks for listening.



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