UPDATED: A Taste Of The Gruber Hearings…

Here’s video from Fox News out of the House Oversight Committee hearing going on this morning where the infamous Jonathan Gruber is getting grilled. It’s Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) trying to get a straight answer from Gruber on the statements he made about the individual mandate being a tax. Gruber doesn’t give straight answers. He speaks in the language of weasels.

There is another clip in which Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tears into Gruber about what he was paid, and we’ll have that as soon as we can find it on the internet. Gruber started the hearing off by denying he had anything to do with writing Obamacare. It’s only gone downhill from there. And his fellow witness, Marilynn Tavenner of HHS, actually told the committee that no effort is being made to inform Obamacare customers about the King v. Burwell case, in which it’s entirely possible that the subsidies flowing through Obamacare plans in states which didn’t set up their own exchanges could be found unconstitutional – and should that happen the premiums customers would have to pay will skyrocket. That would constitute a classic case of false advertising, which Tavenner clearly has zero concern about. The hearing goes on, and it’s a disaster for the administration. UPDATE: We’re still looking for Jim Jordan’s questions, but here’s Trey Gowdy. This gets ugly, fast…

UPDATE #2: We also have Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioning Gruber…

…and the aformentioned Jim Jordan questioning.



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