SARGE: Tortured Language

And so the circus comes to town. As I write this Darrel Issa, Elijah Cummings and the assorted members of the United States Congress, House of Representatives are gathered to say much and do nothing. With great fanfare and an organizational ability only Congress is noted for, the testimony concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Jonathon Gruber’s statements concerning the “stupidity of the American voter” will now play out as low theater and high comedy.

We begin with Issa speaking ad nauseum concerning what we already know. Elijah Cummings then exited the Clown Car and started his diatribe concerning the 29 Congressional hearings conducted prior to this and the fact he believes the entire investigation is a partisan and vituperative waste of time designed to bring about the demise of the ACA. The perimeters of the Three Rings are now covered by the Big Top the Congress is.

Gruber apologized for his “inexcusable and insulting” statements. But he’s never apologized for the fact he believes them. He’s a self-absorbed and egotistical ass in an expensive suit. He’s politically connected as evidenced by the fact he was chosen to help construct “models” used to create the roller-coaster ACA has become. He’s blatantly stupid in the fact he’s always said what he meant before the eye of a video-camera and in public so it could be recorded; and his disdain for the American public as a voting entity is not only apparent but holds Americans in the lowest of esteem.

As is normal for this type of “commedia delle arte” or “comedy of the craft of improvisation”, the lines are crafted and the actors are ready to issue improvisations to further the cause of entertainment. They’ll secure the applause of their audience. La Commedia sallies forth and the audience is expected to understand the subtleties of the performance.

And some of us do.

Gruber is a modern American scholar. He’s been schooled in an academic cauldron specific seasoned with liberal, socialist leanings and intellectual elitism making him believe he’s actually BETTER than the average man or woman not sharing his academic curriculum vitae or resume’. His haughty, definitive, straight forward disdain for anybody he feels beneath him is evident. He’s in good company when testifying before Congressmen and women sharing his disdain for American voters and carefully wearing the masks of the Commedia as they seek to suspend our sense of disbelief.

Gruber made mention of making his statements before academic and professional audiences. His jocular approach to his explanations is obvious and drips the acidic self-possession showing he believes he had the biggest brain in the group. Does that NOT sound like a Senator or a Congressman?

Now, as we see testimony unfold, the language of the actors is crafted to a point of exquisite sharpness approaching the fine edge of a scalpel. Economic terms are flashed around and understanding is threatened by the fact a sharpened blade can cut, at times, without obvious pain. Jargon concerning any professional discussion is dangerous in its exclusivity. You must be a member of the elite to understand the code spoken. The damage comes as time passes and the body bleeds out terminally.

The language of these people is designed to appear elucidating or clarifying, but in reality it’s a “tortured” language laboring under the weight of words thrown about to hide and obscure the true meaning of the tract. It’s awkward and cumbersome and as such is expected to bore and distress the reader for the need to be understood and to have the definitions of obfuscating words sought for the chance to clarify the true intent of the obfuscation.

(Okay. I know that paragraph sucks. But, it’s being used on purpose to show the manner language is used to get over on us when legislators want to appear “transparent”. In reality they’re just plain lying to us. It really means they want you to be bored, stop reading and accept they’re doing this for our best interests. They take simple language, make it intricate and arcane and artfully misdirect our attention away from their true intent: appearing to do something/anything of value while doing nothing. Making people stop to get a dictionary is a pain. I know. I occasionally do it unintentionally. The bad part is legislators do it on purpose to get over on us. Gruber has said as much.)

I urge you to watch these hearings as much as you can before the Christmas Recess. It could be the most important gift you give yourself; a better understanding of how government has gotten away from your control and into the hands of charlatans and pimps prostituting their privilege as people’s representatives in favor of their Progressive manipulations.

Thanks for listening.



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