SARGE: Time To Stand

Yesterday,  Tortured Language was written to point out the comedy of errors Congress is in the fact they allowed a massively expensive boondoggle like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the first place and now so many of them are “pig-piling” on Jonathan Gruber as being the villain in this mess. Make no mistake, he is a villain. But the real villainy is in the way Congress, both Democrat and Republican, uses their particular form of sleight of hand to get things done and hoodwink us as voters.

Everybody is dancing around the facts of this case. Issa and his Republicans want to point out there was a major misrepresentation executed in the way the ACA was passed as legislation. It was foisted on the American people as an unnecessary activity wasting time and/or money, especially when undertaken for the personal or political gain of the sponsors of the bill. Nobody wants to call the spade a spade when it’s easier to call it a shovel.

But, the spade doesn’t get the hole dug better because a shade isn’t a shovel except in the interpretation of the individual. Both have long handles, but spades usually have a “D” at the top for gripping. They both … move earth and materials, but the shovel is better for “scooping and lifting” and the flat edge of the spade is better for “cutting and scraping”.                                                (Sow and Dipity website)

Everybody involved in this farce we know as “Congressional Fact Finding” is bound by a Code of Ethics or behavior. You’re not allowed to look an opponent in the eye and call him a liar on the floor of the Congress. The appearance of politeness and propriety must be endured lest truth appears to kill the mold growing on the legislators’ integrity and we get to see past the patina of civility and recognize the erosion of their character. What they put out must be “scooped and lifted” as is any fecal discharge.

Elijah Cummings is a good little trouper; somebody who’s conscientious, dependable, and selfless in his efforts to progress the partisan policies of his party over the needs of his constituents. Make no mistake, Darrell Issa is no better. None of the “Congressional Fact Finding” is being conducted to gain the truth. It’s all being done to score points for the respective parties and their agendas. It’s a surety they joust and spar regularly and almost give the appearance of being more than they are. They’re actors working for a salary of over $170 thousand dollars a year (and the power that goes with it) and they’ll damned well perform any act necessary to keep them in power.

So far, throughout the period of time encompassing years now, nobody has said upfront AND unarguably, the bill is garbage and was advanced under the auspices of liars and cheats seeking to advance a socialist takeover of healthcare in America. Nobody has said it was specifically planned, expedited and left unread so we would “have to pass it to see what’s in it away from the controversy” as one of the prime movers said. This statement was telling and indicative of the “tortured language” used to get the damned thing NOT read but passed in the hurry exhibited when it was placed before the Congress. The force of advancement put the lie to Obama’s proclamation that “the public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk.”

The admittedly extended length (it’s frequently noted that Obamacare is 2,400 pages long [possibly longer] implies overly complex law the lawmakers couldn’t possibly have read and understood before voting on it. Obama didn’t even read it though he endorsed it as factually sound and foundationally strong. He denied any of the complaints and protests of those who did read it and knew of major, controversial elements of the “tortured language”.

The ultimate productivity of the liars’ craft is now being exposed as Jonathan Gruber soils his “tighty-whities” in the hollow halls of Congress. It’s not expected anybody will step to the front of the army and call out liars as liars; so I’ll do it for them.

In my opinion, Obama’s a liar. Pelosi’s a liar. Harry Reid’s a liar. John Boehner and his sock puppet, Eric Cantor lied. They’re all complicit is the foisting of this political boondoggle on the American people because they’re all Progressives, covert Socialist and some are Communists in Congress. None of them said what needs to be said; that it’s all a lie.

So folks, I can only suggest to you that your continually electing people who hold the greatest disdain for you individually, and as a herd, will only set loose their hounds against you to continually direct you as the sheep they think you to be; until you put your foot down on their necks and make it understood you’re not to be disrespected.

It’s time to stand and be counted.

Thanks for listening.



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