The Farking Of Kirstin Alvanitakis

Y’all know about who this is. She’s the Louisiana Democrats’ media flack, and let’s just say her reputation don’t exactly stand up there with Ari Fleischer. It’s more like a cross between Marie Harf and Wierd Al Yankovic. And when James O’Keefe ran her outta her own office last week and got it on camera, she got famous.

Mostly because of That Face. And now the goofuses on the internet are havin’ fun with That Face.

They dunnit at the People’s Cube, fer instance…

An’ they dunnit at IOwnTheWorld, too…

Plus we have some contributions from the home office in Greater Dulac…

alvanitakis proud to be a democrat

dead donkey alvanitakis

wreck alvanitakis



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