It’s Time For The Mary Landrieu Denouement Playlist, No?

Y’all prolly didn’t think I had it in me to use a word like denouement, but I like bustin’ out a surprise from time to time.

Plus, MacAoidh’s been teachin’ me fi’ dolla’ words. That’s one.

Anyhoo, we’re less than 24 hours until we don’t have a Democrat representin’ us in the Senate anymore. That race is gonna be a bad, bad buttkickin’ for Cassidy to lay on Mary Landrieu, and at this point it looks like a mercy-killin’. If you ain’t heard the radio hit she did with that dude Crouere earlier today, it’s a lil’ like the Hindenburg explosion – but with a lot more blood.

There are polls with Cassidy beatin’ her by 24 points and polls sayin’ he’s gonna beat her by 26 points. It really doesn’t matter how bad the number ends up bein’ – it’ll be bad enough, and she’ll be off to Squire Patton Boggs to make the big coin as a DC lobbyist insider type person like John Breaux and Trent Lott, who work at that place stickin’ it to the taxpayer, are now.

So don’t cry for Mary. Instead, let’s give her a nice musical sendoff. We put a lil’ somethin’ together we think you’re gonna like…



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