VITTER: Continuing The Fight To Keep The Feds Out Of Our Schools

This week, Harry Reid and his cronies in the Senate blocked my legislation to strengthen local control of education. My legislation would prohibit the federal government from mandating, incentivizing, or coercing States to adopt the Common Core State Standards or any other specific academic standards.  But Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow an up or down vote on my bill. 

We need to put a lot more effort into ensuring local control over curriculum and course material, making the right choices regarding those things, and truly partnering with parents and teachers in implementation. Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate were playing politics with education.

We cannot allow the federal government to mandate, coerce, or bribe states to adopt Common Core or its equivalent.

As Governor, I will continue to fight tooth and nail for local control of education and against the enormous growth of federal power under Obama.

I say no to Common Core and yes to strong Louisiana standards and accountability, and here’s how we can achieve that:

  1. Take Louisiana out of the Common Core/PARCC test consortium immediately.
  2. Have leading parents, teachers, and higher education and business leaders develop a rigorous system of Louisiana standards and testing.
  3. Develop and adopt this in a fully democratic and transparent way.
  4. Implement this methodically, partnering with parents and teachers, unlike the Common Core roll-out.

I’m ready to lead on getting Louisiana out of Common Core as Governor.



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