7 Govt. Reform Bills David Vitter Introduced On First Day Of New Congress

On the first day of the 114th US Congress, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) introduced seven pieces of legislation that are set to please conservatives and libertarians alike, including proposing term limits and ending automatic congressional pay raises.

See the full list point-by-point here:

#1: No Washington Exemption – Require all Members of Congress, all Congressional staff, the President, Vice-President, and all political appointees within the administration to purchase their health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange and receive the same amount of financial support from tax credits or subsidies as any American would outside of Washington.

#2: End Automatic Pay Raises – Eliminate automatic pay adjustments for Members of Congress, and force members to vote on an increase in pay. Vitter first introduced this in 2009 and the raises have been successfully blocked each year since. This legislation would end the automatic raise permanently.

#3: Term Limits – Limit the number of terms that a Member of Congress can hold to three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and two in the U.S. Senate.

#4: Campaign Finance Reform – Prohibit spouses and immediate family members from receiving payment from a Member of Congress’ Political Action Committee or individual campaign funds.

#5: Federal Debt Management – Eliminate the Treasury Department’s ability to use extraordinary measures to extend U.S. borrowing authority and require the Treasury Department to provide Congress with its daily balance sheet information.

#6: Protecting Social Security – In the event that the debt limit is reached, require priority to be given to distributing Social Security payments.

#7: Federal Contracting Reform – Ensures that local subcontractors are responsible for debris removal or demolition in response to a natural disaster and that the same contractors perform all work under the contract.



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