Liberals Want Mitt Romney, But Conservatives Don’t

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants the GOP to do one thing in 2016: Make Mitt Romney their presidential nominee.

Today, Pelosi told The Hill that Romney would never be able to beat out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016. Here’s what she had to say:

“I mean, he might be a nice person,” she said. “No offense, no offense — [but] let’s save you time.”

“Let me put it this way,” she added smiling. “I hope he’s their nominee.”

Though Romney’s wife said years ago that her husband would not be running for a third time, the former governor of Massachusetts has been circulating around the news as a possible 2016 contender.

But, it conservatives and libertarians have reservations about a Romney run in 2016.

Weeks ago, Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece for National Review in which he outlined the “problem with Romney nostalgia.”

Goldberg said there is nothing wrong with Romney personally, citing that he is a phenomenal and honorable man, but the real issue is that Romney does not and never has resonated with the middle and working class.

But the only poll you need to know about was the exit poll of voters in 2012, which asked, “Which one of these four candidate qualities mattered most in deciding how you voted for president?”

Romney won three out of four. On “shares my values,” Romney won 55 to 42. He won on “is a strong leader” 61 to 38. He took “has a vision for the future” 54 to 45.

But in the category “cares about people like me,” Romney lost by a staggering 63 points (81 to 18).

Goldberg makes an excellent point that if Romney were the nominee, he would most likely be running against Clinton. And the common denominator that they share is that Clinton is an Obamacare fan and Romney once worked with infamous Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on Massachusetts’ own healthcare plan.

So if not Romney, who else?

There will be the usual contenders like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, both of whom are seen as old-school Republicans who rely to heavily on the evangelical vote.

And Huckabee would never be able to pull in the growing number of conservative-libertarians because of his hostility towards libertarianism, like this:

The real threat to the Republican Party is something we saw a lot of this past election cycle: libertarianism masked as conservatism. And it threatens to not only split the Republican Party, but render it as irrelevant as the Whig Party.

Huckabee’s statements will only further likely presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), as he’ll sweep up those independent and libertarian-ish voters who see the GOP as not doing enough to combat liberalism.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey will most probably both have the backing of the big-wig Republican National Committee (RNC) donor class. Meanwhile, Paul will see an uphill battle with the insider political class, but gain traction with Republican defectors and those who are unhappy with the current party.

Maybe the biggest GOP presidential, and definitely the most underrated, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Walker has won three elections in the last four years, defeating the public sector unions in his famous recall election.

Already, Walker has created a new political action committee (PAC) to help him raise money so he can travel around the country ahead of a 2016 run.

Just like in Wisconsin during his recall election, Walker may be seen as an underdog. But, as we’ve seen, if there is one GOP pol not to underestimate, its Walker’s ability to get voters to rally around an anti-status quo agenda.



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