Scott Walker’s First Campaign Video Is Out…

…and here it is.

A lot of what you’ll see in that video are highlights from his victory speech after he won re-election in Wisconsin in November, highlights he reprised in his speech Saturday to the Iowa Freedom Summit.

It’s a pretty good kickoff video for a presidential campaign, and for Walker it especially works. The expectation for a politician from a state like Wisconsin is he’s going to be bland and boring like Tim Pawlenty was, and that he won’t have the stones for a national political fight. That’s what a lot of people laid on Walker in recent weeks while the topic of his potential candidacy came up.

But Walker is nothing like Pawlenty. Walker has been through the worst the Left could put him through – $140 million spent against him over three campaigns in four years, death threats, riots at the state capitol, you name it – and not only survived but won, and consistently. Along the way he’s made a practice of slitting throats; not only did he do away with collective bargaining for public employee unions but he also managed to do away with the state collecting dues for those unions through public employee paychecks, and public employee union membership and dues collections have completely collapsed in the bargain.

That’s not Nice Guy Tim Pawlenty. That’s a warrior.

Walker hasn’t been given the credit he deserves as a 2016 presidential candidate so far. He is a major comer. The media has spent its time talking about two candidates – Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush – that nobody in the GOP really wants to vote for. When the campaign begins in earnest later this year they’re going to have to recognize those are not the frontrunners. Walker and Marco Rubio, and perhaps one or two others, will be the main contenders.



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