Louisiana Apparently Has A Big Problem With Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relations

Remember those two blonde, female Destrahan teachers who allegedly had group sex with a 16 year-old student? Well, apparently, they are not the only case in the state. In fact, their teacher-student sex scandal hardly stands alone.

In a new study by a former US Education Department official, Louisiana is ranked as No. 3 for having the most inappropriate teacher-student relationship cases per-capita, totaling 23 cases in 2014.

Terry Abbot, who conducted the study, told the Times Picayune that though some adults claim some students are old enough to know what they are doing, they don’t and are often times manipulated into the scenarios.

Of the 23 cases reported in Louisiana last year, 11 were in the New Orleans or Baton Rouge areas, including two involving the Destrehan High teachers, according Abbott’s data. The average age of the student involved was 15, Abbott said.

“A lot of folks, unfortunately when they look at these cases involving educators being sexually involved with students, they look at the cases and say “Oh, well those kids are old enough. They know what they are doing.” … They are 15 ; those are children. And that should never ever be tolerated.”

For every 202,160 residents in Louisiana, one case of inappropriate teacher-student relations is brought to court. Of those 23 cases in 2014, 41 percent were women school employees. This is above the national average which is 33 percent.

Still, Abbott said more men than women are charged with these types of crimes.

And the issue does not seem to be getting any better. Abbott told the Picayune that in the new year, 2015, there have already been six new cases filed involving innapropriate relations between a student and teacher.


Alabama and Kentucky were the only two other states to beat out Louisiana in the study.



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