SARGE: Blood Suckers

The following is a cyber-communication and request for donation for a candidate I once endorsed. Please notice I said: “I once endorsed”. I no longer do that. I find politics to be reprehensible as a business and short of usury, I can think of no other business gives so little to the consumer and demands so much more back than is fair.

“Richard —

With just a month of the new year (sic) under our belts, 2015 is off to an exciting start. Over the past few weeks, I was honored to start work with the new Republican majority Senate, fighting for more jobs, against amnesty, for less taxes, and for a more secure America. We are going to achieve great things this year, and I am thankful for your confidence in my plan. 

The start of 2015 also means the start of our election year. With less than a year until Election Day, now is the time to ramp up our efforts. Now is the time to show our fellow Louisianians (sic) that Team [name of candidate] is here to fight for Louisiana values and Louisiana common sense.”

Each month of 2015, I am going to set a goal to help us take another step towards an Election Day victory. My goal for January is to have 100 new online donors join Team [name of the candidate], and I am hoping you will be one of them.

Can you help us fight in 2015 by contributing $5, $15, or even $25 today? Anything you chip in will move us closer to our January goal and closer to victory.

If 100 new online supporters chip in just $5 each, the $500 we raise will go directly towards reaching more voters, recruiting more volunteers, and achieving victory for Louisiana.

Be part of the movement – join Team [again, the name of the candidate] with a contribution today.

This is no more egregious than any other cyber-scam conducted to pocket-pick the American people than the rise and disappearance of so many Political Action Committees (PAC) foisted upon the American people on a daily basis. I encounter a phone book full of “cyber-beggars” seeking to strengthen an already powerful field of wealthy and powerful organizations seeking to propel their agendas to heights just shy of Valhalla and within the sight of Odin and his pantheon.

It’s aggravating to be thought of as so stupid as to give what small amount of my retirement I have left after being extorted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to somebody/anybody sends me a plea for money to get so-and-so elected because he allegedly believes as I do politically.

I am Conservative in my political thinking. This form of treatment is driving me to become an anarchist. In “” © the tertiary definition of an anarchist is: a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against an established rule, law or custom.  I find this asking for money in this manner to be no less aggravating than those faux “Poverty Pete’s” standing at intersections with signs proclaiming they’ll work for food. I know many of those people are liars, thieves and con-men and women much like politicians [but, is that statement a redundancy?] and other hucksters.

It really amazes me people fall for the first jack-legged idiot puts out the word he needs money just because he says he “shares” your political beliefs. Just how has this twit come to the conclusion he “knows” what you need? But, he knows he needs your money to get the results you both allegedly want?

In this case I have been acquainted with the candidate for several years and once believed in him. [I know. I was young and foolish once too.] But there have been instances where I found his practicing his “due diligence” was found wanting and I found myself wanting to know why he betrayed what was alleged to have been “our principles”. I still haven’t been allowed an explanation as to which instance was the truth and which one is the lie: then, or now.

So: to the street corner beggar and the Super PAC organizer I say this: go suck an egg. You’re not getting another dime until I see some results. And they better come soon, because I’m a hair’s breadth from locking it open, loading it for bear and calling all of your stupid selves “Smokey”.

Print a sign or send an e-mail for that you blood-suckers!

Thanks for listening



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