VIDEO: Elbert Guillory Lights Up The #BlackBrunch Crowd

If you haven’t heard about the “Black Brunch” thing, count yourself lucky. It’s the latest manifestation of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” phenomenon we had to deal with in the second half of last year.

Apparently it started last weekend, and it consisted of small gangs of protesters showing up at tony restaurants in upscale liberal neighborhoods, mostly in New York, where trendy brunches were being served, and demanding the mostly-white patrons make gestures in support of black people being shot by cops (and then on Monday, two more cops were shot and killed in New York City, the latest in what has become an epidemic of violence against police). In Portland, they apparently lost their way and ended up protesting a town hall where a 100-year old World War II veteran was to be honored.

It would be interesting to know who first came up with the idea that trespassing at private businesses and disrupting their operations in order to bloviate about things which have absolutely zero to do with their business model was an effective or productive way to “raise awareness,” but it’s the new thing among those who have energy for everything but a job.

Elbert Guillory has had just about enough of it, and he’s not a fan. And as an activist in the civil rights movement when it wasn’t a joke, he gave his two cents to Neil Cavuto yesterday…



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