Why You Must Watch FX’s ‘The Americans’

Set in the middle of the Reagan administration’s Cold War, 1983 to be exact, “The Americans” follows Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, two Soviet Union KGB spies who are living secretly as Americans in the country with their two children, Paige and Henry.

Creator Joe Weisberg surely has a hit on his hands, though it has been snubbed out of a nomination by every awards show this season, as well as the last two. But, here is why you must tune into the accurately depicted FX drama series:

It will remind you how horrid communism truly is

Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are two KGB operatives who are devout communists and will do anything to remain loyal to their country, especially Elizabeth. Throughout the first two seasons, the show does not glamorize communism in the Soviet Union, rather it gives an accurate description about the ideology’s core principle: The group comes before the individual.

This communist thinking is evident through the lives of Elizabeth and Phillip and their fellow members within the KGB. In the first season, the drama’s writers emphasized the differences of communist culture to that of American culture. Elizabeth at one point makes a remark to Phillip that in America, children are free to do as they please, which she is disgusted by. She says that in the Soviet Union, children are immediately forced to adhere to the state and what it is that the state wishes for them, a lifestyle she revels in.

It will have you loving Ronald Reagan even more

Though “The Americans” never actually showcases Reagan himself, the show does put a large emphasis on the policies of the Reagan administration and their efforts to fight global communism.

To Elizabeth and Phillip, Reagan is simply out to destroy their way of life. But, for the viewers, Reagan’s staunch “peace through strength” policies are something to be proud of. While it may seem Elizabeth and Phillip are winning the wars in their own daily missions, it is the FBI and Reagan’s hard-line anti-communist policies that are winning the bigger war in the television series. It is hard not to watch the drama series and not think about what Reagan would be doing today to combat radical Islamist terrorism.

It will have you singing all of the 80’s music you love

The phenomenal acting, writing and directing in “The Americans” aside, the soundtrack for the series is truly remarkable.

When the show first began back in 2013, the first episode featured songs like “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins while Elizabeth and Phillip shared a passionate moment in their KGB car. Soon after, “Tusk” by Fleetwood Mac chimed in. And then in season 2, viewers got the ultimate eighties playlist: “Passion” by Rod Stewart and “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring. No other television series truly captures the greatness of 80’s culture like “The Americans.”

Season 3 premieres tonight on FX. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse back to Season 1 & 2 and a sneak peak at Season 3:



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