Elbert Guillory And Rob Maness: ‘Illegal Immigration Hurting Working Class, Minorities’

In a new op-ed in the Advocate today, Col. Rob Maness and state Sen. Elbert Guillory are slamming the immigration policies of the Obama administration for what they call as “killing the middle class,” “harming the most vulnerable among us” and hurting minorities.

Maness and Guillory call out Obama for his most recent State of the Union Address, which they said ignored the fact that the country’s labor force has shrunken under the the administration’s six years in office.

“While the unemployment rate the White House touts is, in fact, almost half of what it was in October 2009, the size of the American labor force has continuously shrunk” the op-ed notes. “More and more people are chronically unemployed and, therefore, have not factored into the current unemployment rate. Had those citizens also been counted, the unemployment rate would easily be higher now than it was in late 2009.”

“Currently, the American economy has more people out of the workforce than at any other time in recorded history, with some 93 million Americans out of work. While the President and his fellow Democrats ignore these facts, the American people cannot.”

According to Maness and Guillory, those labor force numbers will only get worse as the administration’s executive immigration orders settle in. The executive order allowed for millions of illegal immigrants who qualify to remain in the country under a three year work permit.

Maness and Guillory assert that the amnesty granted to illegal immigrants will only hurt working class and middle class households, as those immigrants will take low-wage jobs that would otherwise be occupied by legal immigrants.

“The fact remains that our economy has been weakened by the largest influx of uncontrolled illegal immigration to the United States that we have ever experienced,” Maness and Guillory said. “To prove this we need not look any further than the 93 million American citizens and legal immigrants who are out of work, and cannot find a job because of the illegal immigrants pouring over our borders.”

Further, it is minority groups which are being most harmed by the illegal immigration move by the administration. Maness and Guillory say a large portion of minority workers thrive on entry-level positions, which will now be given to illegal immigrants, decreasing wages.

In typical Guillory fashion, the state senator pointed out that the unemployment rate for young, black males is three times higher than tat of the national average.

They’re killing the middle class, harming the most vulnerable among us, and destroying any hope many have of achieving the American Dream.

Maness and Guillory, like other conservatives, say the problem should be remedied through border security with no pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

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