Rand Stands With Vitter

So I just got this in my e-mail box. Hot off da wire, this is.

Dear Oscar,

I am writing to you today to talk to you about my good friend and colleague, David Vitter. Ever since I joined David in the Senate, I have respected his dedication to fighting for the best interest of Louisianans. David and I immediately started working together on issues like balancing the budget, immigration and Auditing the Federal Reserve. We have worked together ever since to represent conservative values in the Senate.

I am honored to tell you that David has chosen to run for governor of the state of Louisiana in 2015. While I will miss his strong conservative voice in the Senate, I know that the people of Louisiana deserve a governor like David Vitter. He is the right choice for governor.

In order to reach every Louisiana voter over the next year, David needs your help. Will you contribute today to help David launch his campaign for governor?

Throughout his time in the Senate, David Vitter has listened to the needs of the people of Louisiana and has been a strong advocate of Louisiana values. I know that he will continue to answer your needs as governor, and this is why I support him as a candidate for Governor of Louisiana.

Will you stand with me in supporting David Vitter for Louisiana? Contribute what you can today.

As a stalwart supporter of limited government, states’ rights, and the taxpayer’s best interest, David Vitter will bring confidence, knowledge, and experience to the governor’s seat. He will advocate for the needs of the people of Louisiana, help the economy grow, and move the state into the future.

Join me in supporting David Vitter with a contribution today.

Not one, not two but three times ol’ Rand axed me to cut Vitter a check. They do that when they send out these things, y’know.

It’s interesting, because Paul’s not exactly the same kinda Republican Vitter is. Not that he’s any closer to Scott Angelle or Jay Dardenne, mind you – but Paul and Vitter seem like strange bedfellows. They disagree on a good buncha stuff. They do agree on some stuff too, though – Paul came in with Vitter for Bill Cassidy last year, he’s with Vitter on his deal where he wants to make all the people in Congress have to deal with Obamacare and both of ’em can’t stand Loretta Lynch. Even still, Vitter’s the big anti-immigration dude and Paul likes the illegals fine. And they don’t see eye-to-eye too hot on foreign policy. There’s other differences.

But Paul is gonna want some friends in high places around the South if he’s gonna win the GOP nomination, so we got some mutual back-scratchin’ goin’ on. He endorses Vitter, and in return Vitter might back him next year when he comes through Louisiana lookin’ for a primary win.

Not sayin’ that’s what’ll happen, but it’s better than nothin’.

And since Vitter doesn’t like him much Bobby Jindal, havin’ a popular guy who’ll be up against Jindal next year comin’ in for Vitter’s probably deee-licious for his campaign.

Just somethin’ to pass on.



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