SARGE: The Iron Taste Of Blood

I was conversing (NOT conversating!) with one of my publishers the other day and we came to the reality outrage is no longer a selling point in commentary and journalism. The overwhelming influence of political chicanery has dulled the senses of the American public to the point they’re insensitive to the horrors being conducted against them. Information fatigue is dangerous. To continue onward with the expression of a sense of specific and continuing indignation bears a sense of artificial infuriation based on personality rather than fact. To deny the facts is even more dangerous.

Who’d ever think the people of the world would sit by, doing little to nothing, while genocide again becomes an operative mode of contact between theocracy and democracy? Who’d ever believe the dreadfulness of the Nazis’ attempted annihilation of the Jewish people in the twentieth century, would be denied by zealots and become a matter of ambivalence in the general public?

Ambivalence and incongruity come about with Progressive thought processes infecting the sanctity of education. Education should be given without regard to the agenda of the educator. But ambivalence starts where the questions posed by the educator seek specific answers directed toward getting the answer the educator wants; not the answer determined as being truth and fact.

This works best in the social sciences: history, politics, polemics and the development of ethics along the lines of secular thought as opposed to divine guidance recorded by believers. People are taught they can justify anything as long as the argument follows an articulable and arguably understandable series of steps seeming to be truth.

It’s how you groom the student determines how well the teacher is accepted as above the masses. It’s the people in charge fostering the direction of thought in the young makes the ambivalence grow like a carpet of weeds mistaken as pure grass growth. It looks like grass in its greenness. It feels like grass for the most part, but it robs the earth of the necessary nutrients to grow real grasses; real crops to nourish the people. It masquerades as truth and actuality when really it’s more a matter of how it’s interpreted under the direction of the unethical teachers and civic leaders pushing an agenda.

Vladimir Lenin said: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” This is where our ambivalence is planted, nurtured and grown. It’s in this concept the like of Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Mussolini grew to prominence, infected their people with their personal deification and displaced the desire to pursue truth. Castro did it in Cuba.

Truth lies in history. What happened; happened. Period! But when progressives monkey with the facts and their presentation and posit questions to cause doubt and uncertainty: you have disbelief and distrust of what’s recorded. When you try to state the inner thinking of the individual based on your personal beliefs as opposed to what you know exists in texts derived from recorded historical data; you have agenda driven education. It becomes a matter of contest as to what is what, what has happened and was it a matter of conjecture recorded by those never having had any contact with the subject.

So when people tell you ISIS/ISIL is NOT Islam, read the book they use as a guide for their behaviors: the Qu’ran. It’s an Abrahamic text following a divergent path of teachings from the original Abrahamic lore.  Judaism is a monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text; part of the larger text known as the Tanakh and supplemental oral traditions represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to represent the covenant God established with the Children of Israel.  It has a history of several thousands of years as noted in archeological discoveries.

But the Qu’ran was developed from the spoken teachings of Mohammed in the 6th century AD.

Islam is also a monotheistic religion. The Qu’ran shows many parallels with Judaism and shares many characters. Islam is articulated by the Qur’an, considered by its adherents to be the verbatim, spoken word of God to Mohammed (c. 570–8 June 632 CE) who is also believed to be the last prophet of God/Allah. The Qu’ran is but one of the total theology and is also composed of the specific prophetic traditions (or hadith) of Muhammad. Some say Mohammed offered his visions and personal interaction with God to the Jewish Pharisees and the leaders of the burgeoning Christian faith. He was resoundingly rejected.

This is alleged to have angered Mohammed and he set about spreading his faith with sword and flames. Christians did this as did ancient Jews in efforts to push, pull and drive converts to the  “One true faith”. The refusal to comply was met with a commandment to convert or die by the sword. The rejection of the religion (apostasy) and the acceptance of a “pagan” god was punishable by death then, as it is in Radical Islam now.

But that was long ago. We must witness what is happening now.

Both religious texts have commands from God to spread the word and seek converts to the specific religions. Both have history recorded of near genocidal societal destruction in the name of God. Both have historical elements noting the zealotry of religious pursuit in direct conflict with pleas for peaceful coexistence in the teachings. In this all religions are noted to have been perverted by individuals, sects and cults. Faulty and egotistical interpretation is all it takes to pierce the heart of any true faith.

So here we sit in a puddle of blood listening to agenda driven apologists refusing to name the enemy. They reject the fact the injustices of the past are no longer potential but have again become kinetic, destructive and a dynamic form of evil. They threaten annihilation of any and all rejecting the history of the proponents of these death cults

History is cyclic. What goes around comes around. We, as people bonded in societies, move through time making the same mistakes we made a thousand years ago, but now are committed on a grander scale than before because we’ve created more fearsome weaponry capable killing each other in astounding numbers. But some return to the barbarism of the Dark Ages and brutally behead and incinerate the living opponents individually and en masse when it suits them. Such is the way of faith based terrorism.

So, we come to this point: it’s been my intention to show reason and understanding as opposed to outrage. It’s been my effort to speak calmly and in a reasoned voice so as to not tick people off. I seek to express, elucidate and clarify the problem so we can see it, identify it and understand this isn’t simple economically driven antagonism. It is a Holy War; a Jihad, the Islamic campaign against any and all non-believers. It is relentless in its campaign. It will not be stopped with words.

Wake up and understand the iron taste of blood in the back of your throat. That’s the blood innocents traveling in waves across the Middle East and Africa.

The tide is rising against us. Be ready.

Thanks for listening.



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